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SuperTrapp – 2 new products for ATV’s


For more than 30 years, SuperTrapp Industries, Inc. has been a leading manufacturer of comprehensive performance exhaust systems for a variety of motor vehicle applications, including motorcycles, ATV and automotive.In addition to their signature tunable disc diffuser exhaust systems, SuperTrapp manufacturers the Kerker brand of exhaust systems. SuperTrapp Industries announces two new products in the line of IDSX performance exhausts …

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Adventure and Possibility: Exploring America on an ATV


I will never forget my first ATV ride. I was visiting relatives who had access to hundreds of miles of trails. Their love of the sport and stories of faraway trails and adventures made such an impact on me, that I went out and bought my own ATV the next day. I had nearly 500 acres of my own land …

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Tools Every ATV Owner Needs in the Toolbox


ATVs require care and maintenance like any other machine in the garage. Tires need to have proper air pressure, dirt and debris need to be flushed from the body and joints, and oil needs to be changed. Fortunately, ATVs are easily maintained and don’t require a degree in vehicle maintenance. Save major repairs for the pros; learn basic repair and …

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How to select an exhaust system for your ATV


Let’s face it, there is no such thing as too much money or too much horsepower and when it comes to ATVs, the quickest and easiest way to add power is to upgrade the exhaust system. ATV manufacturers are now building incredibly powerful ATVs, but when it comes to the exhaust system, many manufacturers tend to be rather conservative, thereby …

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Mile Marker PE3500 Utility ATV Winch

I always say that if you don’t get stuck at least once every ride then you simply aren’t riding hard enough. Sometimes when you get stuck, I mean really stuck, you need more than just a little patience and a lot of throttle to get yourself out. You need external motivation. Some folks pack a come-along or a yank-em strap …

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Ranger Dave’s Where to Ride Guide

Are you tired of riding the same old trails? Have you ever wanted to just pack up and explore a new place? Maybe you live in the Midwest and you’ve always wanted to explore the Western deserts, or maybe you are tired of reading about legendary places like Moab, Tincup and Red Rock and want to see them for yourself. …

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5 Steps to Selecting the Right Tire for Your ATV

Selecting a new set of tires for your ATV shouldn’t be a difficult experience. If you know what to look for, you can get the perfect set of tires for your quad without emptying your pocketbook. There are five things you should be aware of and look for when selecting a tire, or set of tires, for your ATV. Selecting …

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Dual Concepts – Clic Dual Wheels

If you like pickup trucks then you probably like dualies even more. Let’s face it, there is just something cool about cruising down the road in a full size, heavy duty pickup with four wheels under the bed. When www.dual-concepts.com asked us to check out their Clic Dual Wheel system for ATVs we found ourselves wondering if the same logic …

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Dunlop Quadmax ATV Tires

It doesn’t matter whether your ATV has a locking front diff, the latest fuel-injected, big-bore engine or even the most advanced independent suspension available, without the right tires you aren’t going anywhere. All of the performance your ATV has to offer gets to terra firma, or not-so-firma in some cases, through four little patches of rubber. ATV tire design has …

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Shoei V-Moto Helmet

If you looked at the picture on the left and surmised that I am utterly lacking in fashion sense then you surmised correctly. Around the office I manage to avoid most fashion faux pas like black socks with tennis shoes, but out on the trails I firmly believe that form follows function. Out in the boonies I am not looking …

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