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Hushmat Installation


  Project Buckshot, our 1975 Ford Bronco that is undergoing a complete frame-off restoration / transformation, is coming along nicely. The folks at Midlife Classics have completed the body work and applied paint. They also coated the interior, fenderwells and underbelly with POR-15 (an incredibly tough, rust stopping paint material). With reassembly of the rig right around the corner, we …

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SM465 4 speed.. How dissapointed I was

Author Messages porterzcustomz 09/16/2007 8:42 AM Hi, im new here and have been searching all over the internet for information on the SM465. I only herd very good things about it but upon install into my truck I was EXTREAMLY dissapointed in its performance. I have a 1990 Blazer 4×4 with a new Vortec EFI 350 V8. My truck came …

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Tom Woods Custom Driveshafts

The to-do list for Project Buckshot is down to its last few items, which means it’s almost time to bust this beast’s cherry and get it out on the road for the first time. But, before we can even pull it out of the shop, we need to transfer power from that 420 H.P. Dominator engine to the wheels – …

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Cleaning Your 4×4 after Mudding


Mudding is awesome! Man and machine against Mother Nature. It’s fun, it’s dirty, but it is a chore to clean your rig. Mud gets everywhere and as soon as you think you’ve got it all there’s more. Here is some advice for getting your rig clean after she’s all muddy. The sooner, the better. Mud is different everywhere. In some …

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Phoenix V12 Brake Bleeder

Bleeding a hydraulic system, like brakes or clutches, can be a real chore. Most methods include using two people, one smashing the brake pedal, while the other one yells, “Pump!… Hold!… Release!”  If not orchestrated perfectly, air will inevitably end up being sucked back into the brake or clutch system, forcing you to start smashing the pedal all over again. …

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Biggest tire for a SuperDuty without lift kit


Author Messages Jack_D What’s the biggest tire I can fit on a Ford F250 Super Duty without lifting the truck? I just want to fill up the wheel wells some. I don’t do any serious off-roading as this is my tow vehicle for my Jeep.thanks, JD unknown ———— Jack D at 2/13/2001 9:59:14 PMWhat’s the biggest tire I can fit …

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What’s the best, all around, off-road tire?

Community Member: Rick Webster: What do you think is the best all-around, performance-based, off-road tire on the market? Rock your vote based upon: Rock crawling Mudding Sand runs General trail usage Do NOT base your vote on on-road performance. Community Member: COST A PLENTY The best tire is a tire that will not let you down on a trail, no …

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Project Over Easy: Double D Fab Dash Design dashboard

Interiors…  This is an area where manufacturers spend millions of dollars on each new model.  Case in point, the recent Jeep Wrangler interior upgrades were a big focus of the latest editions.  Interiors, and in particular dash boards are something that the owners of vehicles spend countless hours staring at whether their focus be on the gauges or the entertainment …

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Project Over Easy: New VDO dashboard gauges

In part two of a four part series of articles focusing on interior upgrades for Project Over Easy, we’ll cover the selection and installation of gauges for our custom CJ dash.  This includes the installation of VDO Vision Chrome Series gauges from eGauges.com for all but Transmission temperature.  For this function, we selected a gauge from B&M Racing & Performance …

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