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Project Buckshot Interior Upgrades


    There comes a point in time with every restoration project where it rounds a corner. You see the light at the end of the tunnel and you’re sure it’s no longer a train headed at you. Things start to go more smoothly, you don’t find yourself returning the wrong parts as much, and the end is near. It’s …

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Dana 44 Rebuild Buckshot Axle Upgrades

Project Buckshot, our 1974 Ford Bronco project, is finally seeing a light at the end of the tunnel and, at this point, we’re pretty sure that it’s not a train headed our way. Most of our big-ticket items are now complete or nearing completion, so it was time to button up the front axle with a new set 4.56:1 gears …

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Project Buckshot – Power Steering Conversion / Upgrade

Once we shod Buckshot with 35” tall tires, we knew that the aging, stock power steering system wouldn’t hack it. One or two good off-road runs would send the power steering gearbox to an early grave. To cure our substandard steering system sickness, we put a call into the experts at BC Broncos in Ingram, TX. After explaining our Bronco’s …

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Dominator Engine and Holley Fuel Injection

    Plans change, even the best laid ones. When we drew up our plans for Buckshot, we were only going to refresh the stock 302 power plant; they certainly didn’t include a high performance fuel injection engine. But, after seeing the top-shelf paint job that Midlife Classics gave it, we knew that opening up a hood to even a …

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Bestop Supertop Soft Top and Door Installation

Summer approaches in Dallas, TX.  People are spending more time outside and the days are getting longer and hotter.  Sunny and hot may sound great to sun worshippers, but not so much if you are on a first name basis with the dermatologist.  It’s time to start thinking about protection from the glaring sun.  No more peeling burned skin off …

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Project In Too Deep – Building 1-Ton, Heavy Duty Spyntec Dana 60 Axles 

  Giving our old Jeep CJ5 hybrid tube buggy conversion the name of “Project In Too Deep” may be one of the biggest understatements that we’ve made in the past decade. You see, it’s not that we’re not capable of tackling these jobs; it’s just that even the best laid plans keep getting trumped with “Ooh! I could do this”, …

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White Knuckle Off-Road Rock Sliders


  Project Buckshot – our ’74 Ford Bronco – is really starting to take shape. We’ve added fender flares, a 5.5” lift, new wheels and tires, Axle upgrades, disc brakes, an 8-point roll cage, hushmat, seats, interior upgrades, and it’s been treated to a complete soda blasting and new paint.  It is now time to indulge Buckshot with some trail …

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Goodyear Wrangler MT/R Tires and Raceline Monster Beadlocks

It was part of our plan all along – lift project Buckshot and shod it with some 35” tires and beadlock rims. We knew that project Buckshot would see quite a bit of street and highway driving as well as trail rides and hardcore rock crawling too. We also knew the final paint scheme for Project Buckshot (that’s a closely …

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Utah’s Kane County Wins Important Victory In Appeals Court

Kane County, Utah, has just won another important victory in the ongoing dispute over control of roads across public lands. An en banc panel of the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals on Tuesday ruled in favor of Kane County and dealt a major blow to Utah wilderness groups fighting over who owns a handful of back roads in rural Kane …

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BLUERIBBON COALITION WILDERNESS ALERT! – Help Us Stop the Secretary that Would Steal Christmas!

Dear BRC Members and Supporters, Just one day before Christmas Eve 2010, Secretary of Interior Ken Salazar announced that he had signed an Order that seeks to embed a Wilderness review in every component of Bureau of Land Management (BLM) planning, creating a unique status for Wilderness different from other multiple uses in BLM management.  Secretarial Order No. 3310 and …

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