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Project Vehicles

Project In Too Deep – Building 1-Ton, Heavy Duty Spyntec Dana 60 Axles 

  Giving our old Jeep CJ5 hybrid tube buggy conversion the name of “Project In Too Deep” may be one of the biggest understatements that we’ve made in the past decade. You see, it’s not that we’re not capable of tackling these jobs; it’s just that even the best laid plans keep getting trumped with “Ooh! I could do this”, …

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White Knuckle Off-Road Rock Sliders


  Project Buckshot – our ’74 Ford Bronco – is really starting to take shape. We’ve added fender flares, a 5.5” lift, new wheels and tires, Axle upgrades, disc brakes, an 8-point roll cage, hushmat, seats, interior upgrades, and it’s been treated to a complete soda blasting and new paint.  It is now time to indulge Buckshot with some trail …

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Goodyear Wrangler MT/R Tires and Raceline Monster Beadlocks

It was part of our plan all along – lift project Buckshot and shod it with some 35” tires and beadlock rims. We knew that project Buckshot would see quite a bit of street and highway driving as well as trail rides and hardcore rock crawling too. We also knew the final paint scheme for Project Buckshot (that’s a closely …

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Project Buckshot – our ’75 Bronco Sport gets body work and paint

About Project Buckshot: If you haven’t been keeping up with Buckshot, here’s a synopsis; TJ Arvas, a great friend of ours, had a dream to have a great looking, capable, classic 4-wheel drive truck. After 6 months of searching, he landed on a 1975 Ford Bronco Sport. The platform seemed sound enough. It was an uncut beauty that was in nearly …

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Axle Purchase for our Jeep CJ8 Scrambler 

> Axle Purchase: 1984 Wide-Track Axles The Project Over Easy Scrambler has proven herself to be a great platform for simple but effective upgrades.  To-date we have focused on bolt-on upgrades to improve the cooling system, fluid pans, exhaust and stock suspension.  Each of these installation projects has helped the Scrambler perform better on the street and on light trails. …

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Novak Billet Transfer Case Pan

Tired of dealing with a leaky transfer case? Want added gear oil volume to aid in cooling and lubrication? Admire fine American craftsmanship? If you’ve answered yes to any of these questions, Novak Industries has a product for your Jeep – the Novak Billet Transfer Case Pan.  The 4x4Review.com team has been on a mission to enhance the performance of …

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Sounding Off – Hedman Hedders and Custom Dual Exhaust Installation


The Project Over Easy Scrambler came equipped with headers and side-pipes from the prior owner’s Small Block Chevy conversion. The headers were in decent shape but were an over-the-frame design, terminating in glass-pack mufflers with turn-outs just ahead of the rear wheel. This set-up was simple and effective for the street but wouldn’t last a minute off-road. The Scrambler was …

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Trans-Dapt Slam-Guard Pans

During the 2009 SEMA show, we spied a new set of off-road focused engine oil pan and transmission fluid pans being offered by Trans-Dapt. The Trans-Dapt Performance Slam-Guard oil pans have 3/16 in. thick skid plates to prevent damage to internal engine or transmission components. The material, oil/fluid capacity and mounting surfaces replicate those of the stock components. That’s where …

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Auto Meter MCX Series Gauges

  Sure, we could have stayed with the old, played-out gauges in project Buckshot but they were, well – old and played out. After all, Buckshot is about serious transformation, not restoration. The stock gauges (although functional) just wouldn’t do in our radically modified ’75 Ford Bronco. We needed a solution to monitor all of the engine’s vital functions and …

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Buckshot Ford 9″ Rebuild

  If you’ve been following Project Buckshot, you know that we are transforming this once stock, tame ’75 Bronco into a Swiss Army knife of off-road capability. It’s receiving a big lift, big tires, a strong new engine, steering upgrades, disc brake conversion, transmission and transfer case upgrades and much, much more. As with any rig that’s getting bigger tires …

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