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Tube Fender Buying Guide for Jeep Wrangler JK

ACE Tube Fenders

Tube fenders are a great upgrade for your Wrangler JK. Tube fenders replace your jeep’s stock fenders and plastic fender flares with ones that are much stronger and more durable.  They not only add durability and strength but many add needed tire clearance to help reduce tire rub. Plus, they look way better than stock fenders! Not all tube fenders …

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Subaru Outback 2.5i Curt Hitch

Subaru Curt Hitch  (3 of 5)

After purchasing our Subaru Outback 2.5i we immediately ordered a hitch.  I wanted the Outback to handle my 2” Yakima bike rack I already owned. After learning the cost of a hitch from the dealer it only made sense to shop elsewhere.

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2003 GMC Yukon Leather Replacement

GMC Yukon Front Leather

I recently replaced the ripped leather on our 2003 GMC Yukon with new leather purchased from theseatshop.com.  When we purchased our Yukon the bottom driver seat leather was torn and worn out.  After driving it for a year we decided it was time to look into replacing it. The leather was the only part on the vehicle that looked 13 …

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LifeHammer Review

LifeHammer  (1 of 4)

In the event of an emergency, seconds matter and this simple hammer/cutter could potently save you valuable time.  The LifeHammer is a window breaking hammer on one end and a seat belt cutter on the other.

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Trailhead Automatic Tire Deflators


We’ve all been guilty of it… airing our tires down with keys, sticks, pens or whatever we can find to shove into the schrader valve of our tires. Heck, I’ve been known to do it a few times myself when I’ve forgot my gauge or valve stem remover. As we head out to our favorite off road oasis in the …

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Doug Chartier CBrack storage Install


Jeep owners of all models are constantly looking for ways to improve the appearance and functionality of their vehicles. A large percentage of these modifications or accessories involve items requiring electric power, such as off-road lighting, CB radios, GSP units and the like. As such, the need to find appropriate mounting places very often presents a problem, not only for …

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Tuffy Product’s Rear Cargo Security Drawer


Thievery sucks. It wasn’t too long ago when it happened. I was out wheeling on one of my favorite trails and decided to do some adventuring on foot. I had secured my plastic tote boxes in the usual way – via several tie-down straps with tools, spare parts and other goodies stashed safely inside – or so I thought. Upon …

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Hushmat Installation


  Project Buckshot, our 1975 Ford Bronco that is undergoing a complete frame-off restoration / transformation, is coming along nicely. The folks at Midlife Classics have completed the body work and applied paint. They also coated the interior, fenderwells and underbelly with POR-15 (an incredibly tough, rust stopping paint material). With reassembly of the rig right around the corner, we …

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Edge Product’s Juice with Attitude Diesel Performance System

A few months ago we needed to free up some ponies in the Duramax diesel engine of our ’05 Chevy Silverado. We accomplished this by installing the Corsa diesel performance exhaust system, as well as the Advanced Flow Engineering (AFE) performance intake and air filter system-both designed to help the truck breathe easier. The results were impressive to say the …

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Yukon One-Piece Axles

Eventually if you tempt fate enough times you will lose. Well the same can be said for going four-wheeling with model 20 two-piece Jeep axles. They hold up fine with stock tires and open differentials, but add on a set of 33″ tires, 4.56 gears and a locking differential and fate is now knocking at your door. We had tempted …

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