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2003 GMC Yukon Leather Replacement

GMC Yukon Front Leather

I recently replaced the ripped leather on our 2003 GMC Yukon with new leather purchased from theseatshop.com.  When we purchased our Yukon the bottom driver seat leather was torn and worn out.  After driving it for a year we decided it was time to look into replacing it. The leather was the only part on the vehicle that looked 13 …

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Doug Chartier CBrack storage Install


Jeep owners of all models are constantly looking for ways to improve the appearance and functionality of their vehicles. A large percentage of these modifications or accessories involve items requiring electric power, such as off-road lighting, CB radios, GSP units and the like. As such, the need to find appropriate mounting places very often presents a problem, not only for …

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Tuffy Product’s Rear Cargo Security Drawer


Thievery sucks. It wasn’t too long ago when it happened. I was out wheeling on one of my favorite trails and decided to do some adventuring on foot. I had secured my plastic tote boxes in the usual way – via several tie-down straps with tools, spare parts and other goodies stashed safely inside – or so I thought. Upon …

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Hushmat Installation


  Project Buckshot, our 1975 Ford Bronco that is undergoing a complete frame-off restoration / transformation, is coming along nicely. The folks at Midlife Classics have completed the body work and applied paint. They also coated the interior, fenderwells and underbelly with POR-15 (an incredibly tough, rust stopping paint material). With reassembly of the rig right around the corner, we …

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VisionX’s Off Road LED Lighting System

 Here in Arizona, our primetime rock crawling season is a little backwards from most of the U.S. since the best time of the year is the dead of winter. The winter months are perfect-75 degrees, sunny most days, and little chance for rain. Conversely, the summer months are tough on equipment-115 degrees ambient temperature, idling your rig all day at …

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Tuffy’s Deluxe Stereo Secuity Console

Some things in life lead to you to make decisions faster than you would like. When someone breaks into your Jeep’s center console and steals all of your belongings, you are forced to make a decision on security. If that thief would have left your Jeep alone, that old, cracked, plastic console would have lasted a few more months. Well, …

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Project Buckshot get a Roll Cage

An American author from the 20’s – John A. Shedd – once wrote, “A ship in harbor is safe, but that is not what ships are built for.” So true these words of wisdom are, and it applies to our 4-wheel drives quite nicely, thank you. We can build or have built, the baddest, most capable off-road vehicle, and as …

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Flex-a-Lite’s Mojave Auxiliary Heater Review

  Last month we told you about something new… Something that just about any home-built or highly modified 4-wheel drive probably couldn’t do without. We received word of a new product from a company who’s made it their business keeping rigs cool, and is now making a great product to keep your rig warm. Flex-a-Lite Consolidated, the makers of the …

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Billet aluminum dash knobs for CJ Jeeps

Nothing’s worse on a cold morning than starting the Jeep to warm it up for that drive to work, only to have one of the heater knobs break off in your hand in an attempt to turn it on! This has happened to countless Jeep owners, and it happened to me! Those old plastic knobs on the dash, dry, cracked, …

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