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Spark Plug Colors, and What They Mean


Regular tune-ups are an important part of your ATV or truck’s maintenance. A tune-up keeps your rig riding in an optimal state and allows your motor to give you the most power and the greatest efficiency possible. In a car, there are predetermined times when tune-ups and maintenance should be performed. Your off-road rig however, doesn’t fall into the manufacturer’s …

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How to route and plan for your next exhaust system


  When you move to a new town it can be quite frustrating when you can’t find the resources you once had. Resources such as a good supplier of nuts and bolts, a reputable parts store that will carry your oddball truck parts, a good fabricator and so on. After moving to Indianapolis a few years back, it’s taken me …

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Toyota FJ80 Land Cruiser – 3 Link Front Suspension w/ Panhard


I’ve decided to put in a front three link suspension to replace my stock radius arms. I’ve taken a look at several alternatives out there and believe this is the best solution for what I want to accomplish. The problem I’ve had with my stock FJ80 front suspension is the following: Because I’m at 7″ lift my castor angle is …

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Everything you wanted to know about Shock Absorbers


How do shock absorbers work and why do I need them? This may seem like an overly simple question to ask, I mean heck, they’re on every car, truck and SUV on the planet. And, they’ve been around darn near since the dawn of automobiles themselves and a shock absorber is a shock absorber right? Ummm… nope, not really! Regardless, …

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Jeep Transfer Case Identification Guide


Note: This article does not cover every transfer case ever installed in a Jeep, but instead highlights the most popular used throughout the years. There is a lot more information available about each of the transfer cases listed below, as such this article is written to give you an overview of each. This information was compiled to give you some …

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Top 10 Trail Ready Rigs of All Time – Page 2

1992-2006 AM General Hummer H1 and H1 Alpha Years 1992-2006 Origin USA Wheelbase 130″ Engine 6.2 L Diesel 6.5 L turbodiesel 5.7 L V-8 gas Transmission 3, 4 or 5 speed automatic Transfer Case NV 242 Front Axle Independent, Zexel-Gleason torsen Rear Axle Independent, Zexel-Gleason torsen The Hummer or H-1 was originally introduced as a military vehicle, but it didn’t …

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Top 10 Trail Ready Rigs of All Time


From the factory to the forest – We pick the 10 most capable turn-key 4X4s ever made We all get into 4 wheeling for our own reasons. Some of us want to get back to nature or just spend quality time with the family. Others take pleasure in the challenge of modifying a vehicle to crawl over rocks, into mud, …

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Add 5 gallons to your YJ’s gas tank in less than 1/2 hour

Now that my 93 YJ is coming along since it was last seen putting on the Dick Cepek 3 1/2″ lift. I put some 33×12.50 15 Dunlop Mud Rovers and with the 2.5l 4cyl my gas mileage was down a bit. It was said that the YJ’s all had 20-gallon tanks but they modified them to only hold 15 gallons. …

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How To Clock A Rear Axle, and Why

Electricity… it’s one of those things that you never think about until it stops working, then you wonder how you’ll ever survive without it. You flip a switch, the light comes on, you flip it again, the light goes out – you never even give it a second or even a first-thought. Your driveshafts probably fall into that same category …

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10 More Ways to Keep Your Engine Running Cool

Summer is now in full swing and even in the calm Midwestern states, it’s blistering hot. While a hot engine is great for cooking foil wrapped hot dogs and convenience store burritos, it is not so hot (get it? “Not so hot”… we crack ourselves up) for the life expectancy of your engine and transmission. When we wrote part one …

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