2003 GMC Yukon Leather Replacement

I recently replaced the ripped leather on our 2003 GMC Yukon with new leather purchased from theseatshop.com.  When we purchased our Yukon the bottom driver seat leather was torn and worn out.  After driving it for a year we decided it was time to look into replacing it. The leather was the only part on the vehicle that looked 13 years old!

GMC Yukon Front Leather

After calling the GMC dealer and the local upholstery shops I quickly learned that I could save hundreds by doing it myself.  I purchased leather for just the bottom half of the seat from The Seat Shop. The top was still in good condition.

After the leather arrived I followed The Seat Shop’s how-to video found on their website, and in less than 2 hours the new leather was installed.  I did however do several things different compared to the video.  I did not remove the seat from the vehicle.  I also only disconnected enough electrical plugs under the seat to allow me to move the cushion around enough to remove and reinstall the leather. I found several plugs near impossible to disconnect without removing the seat.

Overall it came out great and I’m very happy with how it matches the original leather!

GMC Yukon Leather

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