LifeHammer Review

In the event of an emergency, seconds matter and this simple hammer/cutter could potently save you valuable time.  The LifeHammer is a window breaking hammer on one end and a seat belt cutter on the other.

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I know you’re thinking, “Do I really need this hammer in my car or rig?”  I hope not, and I hope it’s a waste of money. But for only $5 why not throw one in your glove box or attach it to your roll cage or center console?  I don’t want to be hanging upside down with the seat belts locked and the doors pinned closed without any options.  

The LifeHammer comes with a mount that can be attached to a vehicle with double sided tape, Velcro, or screws (all of which are not included.) The hammer can easily be removed from the mount and is well made. 

The following is a warning from the LifeHammer Website – “Only use LifeHammer in an emergency escape situation. LifeHammer is designed for this purpose only. The effectiveness of the blade is proven as a one-time use only. The head can be reused many times, but should be inspected after every use.”

I hope I wasted money on the LifeHammer and it gathers dust in my center console, but I feel better knowing it’s in there.

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