Rubicon Trail Frequently Asked Questions

Rubicon Trail FAQ-

What is the distance to the Rubicon from Sacramento?  80miles

Rubicon Elevation – 5,000 to 7,000 FT

Do I get cell phone service on the Rubicon Trail? Service is spotty at best, and I would not rely on cell service for communication.

What’s the weather like at the Rubicon? The weather depends on the season.  With cold winters the trail becomes snow covered. In the summer, cool mornings can lead way to warmer temps that can reach the high 80’s to low 90’s

Can I enter from the Lake Tahoe side of the Rubicon? Yes, but it is most commonly run the other direction.

How long does it take to complete the entire Rubicon Trail? It depends on your pace and equipment but 2 to 3 days is a common time frame.

Is there a spot for my trailer at the start of the trail? Yes, there are areas at or near the entrance of the trail for trailers.

Is the Rubicon patrolled?  Yes, the El Dorado County Sheriff’s department patrols the trail

Are there lakes on the Rubicon Trail?  Yes (see Trail Map)

Can I camp at Loon Lake?  Yes, there are 2 campgrounds at Loon Lake.

Is there camping along the Rubicon?  Yes, but some designated areas may be closed to camping.

What is the minimum tire size to run the Rubicon? – 33” or larger are recommended for the Rubicon Trail

What should I pack for a trip on the Rubicon? Come prepared. Bring everything including the kitchen sink!  Bring tools to make trail repairs and spare parts.  Bring spare parts for your spare parts.  Clothes for all weather conditions, it could be hot in the day but storms can quickly roll in.  It’s best to over pack when it comes to equipment as well as clothes.

What is the Little Sluice?  Considered the most difficult section of the Rubicon, this 100ft section of trail includes large boulders that can swallow tires.  There is a bypass around Little Sluice; however, over the years Little Sluice has been made less difficult.

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