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Rubicon Trail Overview

The world famous Rubicon Trial is located in the Sierra Nevada Mountains. This 4×4 trail will test even the best built 4x4s.  The trail is accessible from the west via Loon Lake or Wentworth Springs Rd and from the east off of McKinney Rubicon Road.  Most visitors start from the west and finish in Lake Tahoe.  The trail stretches 12 miles from Loon Lake to Lake Tahoe.  Jeep Wranglers on Rubicon Trail

As you journey along this difficult trail you will travel over large granite slabs, past several high mountain lakes and through wooded forest.  This beautiful trail is also enjoyed by hikers and quad and dirt bike riders. Visitors can enjoy a day of 4 wheeling or make it a multi day trip and camp along the trail as they make their way towards Lake Tahoe.  Camping is also available at the Loon Lake and campgrounds off Wentworth Springs Rd.  Polaris Quad on Rubicon Trail

The Rubicon Trail is also home to several large 4×4 events throughout the year.   One of these events is The Jeeper’s Jamboree which attracts hundreds of 4x4s each year.  Cantina for the Con also attracts large crowds and sponsors, and is an annual fundraiser designed to help raise money for the trail.  Jeeps on the Rubicon Trail

The Rubicon Trail passes through both private and public land. It is important to respect the trail to ensure that future generation can enjoy this amazing area!

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