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SM465 4 speed.. How dissapointed I was

Author Messages porterzcustomz 09/16/2007 8:42 AM Hi, im new here and have been searching all over the internet for information on the SM465. I only herd very good things about it but upon install into my truck I was EXTREAMLY dissapointed in its performance. I have a 1990 Blazer 4×4 with a new Vortec EFI 350 V8. My truck came …

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Biggest tire for a SuperDuty without lift kit

Author Messages Jack_D What’s the biggest tire I can fit on a Ford F250 Super Duty without lifting the truck? I just want to fill up the wheel wells some. I don’t do any serious off-roading as this is my tow vehicle for my Jeep.thanks, JD unknown ———— Jack D at 2/13/2001 9:59:14 PMWhat’s the biggest tire I can fit …

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What’s the best, all around, off-road tire?

Community Member: Rick Webster: What do you think is the best all-around, performance-based, off-road tire on the market? Rock your vote based upon: Rock crawling Mudding Sand runs General trail usage Do NOT base your vote on on-road performance. Community Member: COST A PLENTY The best tire is a tire that will not let you down on a trail, no …

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