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Body & Exterior

MORE Rear TJ Bumper

 Our project Land Cruiser has been sans rear bumper for, well, nearly 10 years now. The OE bumper-ettes were sent to that great recycler in the sky moments after I bought the FJ40. I haven’t had a rear bumper since, not because it didn’t need one, it’s because I’ve never found a rear bumper that I really liked. Most rear …

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Bestop’s Supertop for FJ40 Land Cruisers

¬†Soft tops have been around for as long as cars have. The early soft tops that covered the first “horseless carriages” were built by some guy that’s long dead, and he would have more than likely worked in an environment barely suitable for humans. Those old canvas soft tops that rolled off of the assembly line over 100 years ago …

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Jeep TJ BDS Rock Sliders

Protection – it’s what my ol’ man used to harp about when I was a teenager. Now that I’m into my thirties, I’ve finally figured it out… Keeping the sides of my beloved Jeep from being bashed to hell – that’s what he was trying to explain to me all along. Which brings us to protecting our ’04 Jeep Rubicon …

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Slide-N-Lock Tie-Down System

Anyone who travels into the backcountry knows the importance of safely securing his or her gear for the trip. Unfortunately few companies have addressed this problem. We mount all types of hooks, footman loops, eyelets and brackets to try to secure our camping and off-road necessities. The folks at the Bloomfield Manufacturing Company, the makers of the famous Hi-Lift jack, …

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JT Outfitter’s Poly Gas Tanks

Owning an older, more unique vehicle can be one of the most appealing and self-satisfying things in life. Although owning a rarity is exceedingly appealing, it is however, less charming to the pocket book when repairs are needed. In fact, I was so appalled at spending $180 for an alternator and almost $150 for a water pump that I decided …

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DIY Bed liners Durabak vs. Lava-Liner

Do-It-Yourself Bed Liners – Durabak vs. Lava-Liner By: Jody Campbell and Rick Webster The one place that four-wheelers tend to neglect in their vehicles is the inside. We protect the outside with diamond plate, build extreme bumpers, use nerf bars, Rock slider rocker panels, and anything else we can think of, but we rarely protect the inside. Carpet is great …

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