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Valley Industries LED Trailer lighting

Not everything that is old and ugly is completely useless.  Case in point: my 16’ flatbed trailer.  The trailer isn’t that old, but it’s lived a hard life and looks like it should be put to pasture or sold for scrap metal.  The paint is faded, a few of the boards are cracked and warped, a tail light lens is …

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Dick Cepek’s 150 watt Baja Lasers

     After I had my front bumper built, I decided to install some lights to complete my setup. I chose to go with some Baja Laser lights from Dick Cepek (part # 02510). These are a very affordable light accessory. They have a 150 watt tungsten bulb and black chrome plated housing. I chose the black chrome so that it went …

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PIAA Deno Series Performance LED Lights

 LED’s aren’t new – in fact they’ve been around since 1907, and serious research started in 1936 by some really old German dude. In the last few years however, LED’s have grown well beyond your alarm clock display. They have developed so much lately, that they’re now being used as aircraft landing lights, super-bright tactical flashlights, and a myriad of …

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IPF 900 Series Off-Road lights

Off-roading at night… it’s gotta be at the top of my list for some of the best off-road adventures I’ve ever had. Being in the desert of Tucson, AZ, it tends to get pretty searing during the day so we tend to do a lot of night runs. However, without proper illumination, it can get a bit hairy when you …

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IPF’s replacement headlamp kit

No, this isn’t a rerun of Gremlins; it’s what you will get when you replace your regular halogen lamp headlights with a set of IPF replacement lights. Not so long ago, IPF released their headlight replacement kits, which came with a new set of precision ground lenses and high performance H4 bulbs. Our test vehicle for these new lights is …

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