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North Face’s Mountain 24 Tent Review

On occasion we find ourselves really needing to get “one with nature”… When that urge comes about we usually head outdoors. Well, if your really trying to become one with nature, then you head out with your trusty 30-06 and bear skin suit, but today in this busy world we can’t afford to take time to become an overnight Grizzly …

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Cobra’s microTalk3, 2-Way FRS Radio

  Staying in touch with civilization, fellow 4-wheelers, or just having the tools required to get a message across is something that just about every technology company is addressing these days. For the folks who venture off road, it’s typically the CB Radio. However, we all know that unless your out in the boonies and are in a small group, …

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Garmin’s GPS 12 VS. Magellan’s GPS 2000 XL

Okay, I have to admit, the first time I saw a guy with a GPS unit on the trail, two thoughts came to mind. 1) This guy has waaaay too much money and 2) What the heck would you really need a GPS for, he must be showing off number 1. After seeing a few more the last year or …

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Coleman Camping Gear Review

I still tell myself that I’m a “roughin’ it” kind of camper. When I prepare for a night or two under the stars, I imagine a canvas bedroll next to a campfire with nothing but a saddle for a pillow, a hunting knife strapped to my hip, and my trusty rifle near my side. But then reality comes crashing in …

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Extreme Camping with Coleman

Arapaho Back Pack, Kodiak Sleeping Bag and Orion Tent Review As you are probably aware by now, from our newsletters, one of our columnists, Jody, recently went on a 2-week trip to Morocco, Africa to cover the 1999 Mile Marker Winch – Atlas Challenge. Prior to Jody’s journey to the Sahara, we realized that he would be encountering a variety …

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