10 More Ways to Keep Your Engine Running Cool

Summer is now in full swing and even in the calm Midwestern states, it’s blistering hot. While a hot engine is great for cooking foil wrapped hot dogs and convenience store burritos, it is not so hot (get it? “Not so hot”… we crack ourselves up) for the life expectancy of your engine and transmission. When we wrote part one …

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5 Steps to a Cooler Running Engine

  Summer’s here and it’s a relentless one at that. Old Mother Nature’s cranking up the global oven to a cozy broil. Bottom line, it’s just plain hot! Heck, Tarzan’s probably rethinking that whole fur thong thing he’s wearing right about now. At 220 plus degrees Fahrenheit, the innards of any V8 are probably thinking the exact same thing. Here’s …

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