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Mighty Mouse 425hp Engine

Break the engine in & tune the Holley fuel injection

Mighty Mouse, Part 4 of 5 “I jammed the gas, which promptly pinned my melon to the headrest and the FJ lurched forward with angry vengeance.”   We are almost to the close of our five-part do-it-yourself series on building a 400+ horsepower rock-crawler engine. So far, we’ve shown you our build plans, engine preparation and machining (Part 1), how to …

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425hp Engine Top-End Build

Mighty Mouse, Part 3 of 5 Part 1 of our ultimate engine-building guide talked to the prep work, and part 2 spoke to the lower (rotating assembly) build of the block. In this installment, we’ll build the top-end of our engine, which will include the heads, push rods, rocker arms, intake manifold, fuel injection system and more. For our engine’s top …

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Mighty Mouse Lower Engine Build

Mighty Mouse, Part 2 of 5 In Part 1 of our article our GM Performance Parts (GMPP) 383 stroker block had arrived and we took it to Schmidt’s to give it the royal machining treatment. Now that all of the goods from Wiseco, Holley and Lunati have arrived, we are ready for the lower engine build. If you haven’t built an …

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