Honda Motor Company

1998 Honda LX CRV 4×4

The Honda CRV has been in production since 1995 but was only introduced to the United States in 1997. This little sport-ute definitely has its place in the market, especially since it’s the largest growing. The sport utility market has been growing faster than any other since the dawn of the industrial era. Just about every auto manufacturer has jumped …

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2006 Honda Ridgeline

Pickup truck owners tend to fall into one of two groups. There are those who genuinely need the durability, power, and capacity of a full-size, heavy-duty truck, such as landscapers, construction workers, and RV owners. Then there is the second group of owners, who tend to enjoy the durability and capacity of a truck when hauling building materials from the …

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2005 Honda CR-V

Several years ago, a friend loaned us a front-porch bench. It’s iron and wood, and heavy and awkward to carry. On a recent weekend, it was time to return the bench. Its owner, once a neighbor, now lives nearly 100 miles away. With remarkable ease, my wife reconfigured the back seat arrangement of the new looking and more spacious 2005 …

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