2005 Lexus LX-470

Review Notes: Lexus LX 470 Personality Big off-road truck wrapped up in a thick veneer of luxury fittings Above Average: Off-road capability, reputation for reliability, safety features, interior appearance Needs Work In: Acceleration, gas mileage (as with all such vehicles), jumper seat practicality EPA gas mileage 13 city, 19 highway; hybrid version coming soon with better acceleration, mileage      …

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2004 Lexus RX330 Review

Review Notes: Lexus RX330 with Luxury Package Personality Inside, luxurious wagon; outside, big SUV Quirks Door locking behavior, some control placement Unusual features It’s a Lexus Gas mileage 18 city, 24 highway (EPA) Above Average: Resale value, interior appearance, stereo, features Needs Work In: Gas mileage, minor ergonomic changes The Lexus RX330 combines a serious SUV exterior with a luxury-car …

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