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2006 Toyota RAV4 SUV

Some cars take a while to grow on you, and some seem great at first but grow progressively disappointing. The Toyota RAV4 was remarkably consistent through our week-long test drive; its strengths and weaknesses are fairly clear. It’s an easy car to get to know, with intuitive controls in the places you’d expect, and no big complications or tricks to …

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2005 Toyota Tacoma pickup truck review

Review Notes: Toyota Tacoma V6 Access Cab 4WD with Six-Speed Manual Personality a truck lover’s truck, despite interior design Above Average: brute-force acceleration with V6; probably reliability; cornering with TRD Needs Work In: gas mileage, clutch force (V6), noise (V6), rear seats (Access Cab), wheel hop when braking Toyota Tacoma mid-sized pickup The Toyota Tacoma is a beefier version of …

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2005 Toyota 4Runner – V6

Review By Dr. David A. Zatz The Toyota 4Runner has evolved over the years from a simple capped pickup to a premium mid-sized SUV; from being moderately underpowered, it has gone to having more power than many competitors, with lots of good, healthy torque. The four wheel drive system, like so many others, has gone from being labor-intensive to turn-a-dial …

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2008 Toyota Tundra Review

Engineered largely in the United States but drawing heavily on Toyota technologies from Japan, the Tundra was reportedly created without the benefit of incessant cost-cutters demanding lighter-duty components everywhere. The result may well be the toughest, most durable truck in its class, as well as the truck with the best standard engines – engines that make the most of every …

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2005 Toyota RAV4 SUV

Review Notes: Toyota RAV4 All Wheel Drive Personality Fun, peppy, small SUV Above Average: Spirited city driving just feels good Needs Work In: Dealing with weight in the back; rear passenger space EPA gas mileage 22 city, 27 highway Reviewer David Zatz   Some cars take a while to grow on you, and some seem great at first but grow …

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