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2000 Suzuki QuadMaster 500 – 2nd Review

Too Much Fun!

Ok, we’ll admit it. Sometimes we do get a chance to get out of the office from behind the computer screens and have a really good time. No, scratch that. A REALLY incredible time. Take for instance our farewell article to the 2000 Suzuki QuadMaster. Knowing that we’re going to have to give back our 4-wheel drive wonderboy, we decided to do our exiting photo shoot and have a down and dirty delightful day. Lucky enough for us we had some recent rain in our arid desert so that meant not only good ol’ trail riding, but some quality goo as well.

In closing our year-long quad review, we found that the Suzuki QuadMaster is up for nearly any challenge you can throw at it. Probably the best part of the QuadMaster is the selectable 4-wheel drive and selectable hi and lo range transfer case. Heck, most sport utes on the market these days don’t even have that.


2000 Suzuki QuadMaster 500 Mudding… it’s what makes a man a kid. The aggressive tread pattern on the tires 2000 Suzuki QuadMaster 500 kept the tires clean and the sludge a slingin’. Several passes through the knee- deep mire for the perfect photo didn’t bother us much but we did have a bit of troubles was in prolonged, deep water fordings. We found that exposure to the wet stuff made the clutches in the automatic transmission slip a bit. After a few hours of drying out though we were back in business doing our best to bruise this 4×4 beast. We found that hi range, 4-wheel drive was the best option for getting through the muck but hi range two wheel drive was the most fun. After all, what’s a good day of mudding if you can’t throw 20 foot roosts in the air of the gooey stuff?



2000 Suzuki QuadMaster 500 Trails, fire roads, hills and dirt roads is where the Suzuki QuadMaster feels the most at home. A soft and supple suspension soaks up all but the biggest bumps and jolts while providing a stable ride at all speeds. On a smooth dirt road we were able to get the quad up to about 45 m.p.h. Additionally, the sharp steering radius was a bonus for negotiating those tight turns.

Braking was better than expected with little nose-diving for such a heavy quad.



Second only to dirt roads, the QuadMaster performed admirably here. In off camber, steep hill climbs, the 4-wheel drive quad set in lo range attacked nearly everything we could throw at it. The full-length foot guards protect your feet from flying debris and the fully skid plated underbelly protected the vitals from damage as well.

Its heavy weight and low center of gravity gives it an edge up on most other quads giving it a bit more traction and stability. Although we would have liked to see some more aggressive tread patterns in the tires.


Video footage the Suzuki QuadMasterTM in action
See the Suzuki QuadMasterTM in action! Click Here to see the action.
Approx. download time: 5 minutes, 30 seconds at 28.8 Kbps.


2000 Suzuki QuadMaster 500 Okay, we’ll admit it. We did jump this behemoth a few times to see what it was like. Our expectations were set pretty low considering that the quad has the suspension and weight of a Sherman tank, but the kids in us just couldn’t stay inside any longer.

Our first attempt was a small, short run at a molehill of sorts but soon our expectations rose and we found the perfect rock pile. After a few practice runs we were ready to open the throttle and check her out. To our astonishment we made some pretty big jumps and the quad landing without complaint in a soft, straight and level manner each time. We’re still not sure what was more fun, the jumping or the mudding…


The Verdict

If you’re in the market for a jack of all trades, general purpose four wheel drive quad that will get you just about anywhere you want to go, the Suzuki QuadMaster is definitely the quad for you. From work to play it’ll get you from point A to point B with bucket’s o’ fun and style. Our only regret? Giving it back.

NOTE: All ratings on a scale of 1 to 4 with flat tires equal to a half.

Description Notes Rating
Off-Road Performance The QuadMasterTM 500 performed admirably off road in a variety of tests from hill climbs, to sand dunes, to twisty trails and even a bit of light mud.
Drivability The posi-traction in the front differential makes steering a bit harder compared to a 2-wheel drive quad, but it’s a good trade-off for the off-road performance. The quad lacks a bit in the horsepower range but is strong in the torque range.
Comfort The ride quality is a bit stiff, but good compared to other 4-wheel drive quads. The seat provides a large, comfortable platform and all controls are easily within reach of the driver.
Appearance The QuadMasterTM 500 comes in black and red. The quad has a squatty, tough stance to it and is fully protected by skid plating, bumpers, running boards, and racks. We really like the look of the new QuadMasterTM
Price in comparison to related vehicles The QuadMaster™ 500 priced at $6599 as tested and rang in some $400 lower than it’s competitor, the Polaris Sportsman.
Editors Notes If you are in the market for a large, 4-wheel drive quad, that can do the job and not complain, then the Suzuki QuadMaster™ 500 is the quad for you… RW


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