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Bed Bugs… Let ’em Bite!

BedbugsAs bed bugs a kid, when I went to bed at night, Mom would say, “Don’t let the bed bugs bite.” I always wondered about those pesky little things. Now as an adult someone has finally solved the mystery. DZN, Incorporated has made the ultimate Bed Bug and I am happy that it bites! The idea is so ingenious and simple it falls into the “Why didn’t I think of that?” category. Everyone who owns a truck with a drop-in, molded plastic bedliner has the same problem; shifting cargo. While drop-in bed liners are durable and inexpensive, it’s impossible to keep things from slipping and sliding all over the bed without some creative tie-downs, rope, tape, twine and straps.


Ever had a full axle assembly or engine block slide forward in your truck bed and smash up against the cab? We have. Bed Bugs now makes that dilemma a thing of the past with their molded rubber feet that grab the ridges in the bed liner. Three different cargo-gripping shapes on the top conform to just about any load you can place on them. The principle on how they work is actually quite simple. The weight of the object you are securing pushes the gripping, soft, molded rubber feet down into your bed liner, securing it even tighter. The heavier the object, the less chance of it moving. Conversely, if there is no load on the bedbug, it can be slid or picked up with very little effort. Brilliant!


bed bugs So far in over a month of testing we have yet to find an item large or heavy enough that the Bed Bugs won’t secure. From standard moving boxes, sofas, plastic totes, coolers, a complete Dana 44 axle, lumber, bricks, and a Hi-lift jack, there is nothing these little suckers can’t keep in place. Even odd shaped objects are no match for the Bed Bugs. Although we’d like to see a set of Bed Bugs made for spray-in bed liners, the Bugs we tested worked fantastically in rain, rough terrain, long trips and even through twisting, mountainous roads.


Bedbugs are made from high impact plastic and use a super durable rubber waffle bottom to lock into the bed of your truck. Bedbugs work great for holding items securely in the bed of your truck, but for taller, top heavy items, a strap may still be necessary. If you are tired of finding new and creative ways to keep things from sliding around in your truck, log onto www.getbedbugs.com and buy a set for your truck, you’ll be glad you did.


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