Bedrug Matte

Bedrug Matte

If you are a frequent reader of 4X4REVIEW, then you probably know how we feel about the Bedrug from Wise Industries. We have installed Bedrugs in several of our test trucks, and they have never disappointed us. Bedrugs have prolonged the life of our truck beds, protected our cargo, and have proven to be nearly indestructible.

When we saw the folks from Wise Industries, the makers of the Bedrug, at the 2006 SEMA show in Las Vegas this year, we had stopped to say hello, but we really didn’t expect to see anything new. After a short conversation, they asked me how I liked the Bedrug in my current truck, and I was forced to admit that I didn’t have one because my truck was equipped with a spray on bed liner when I bought it. Since conventional wisdom has always dictated that you couldn’t use a Bedrug if you already had a spray-on or drop in bed liner, I just made due, instead of enduring the tedious task of removing my spray-on.

At that moment, sirens blared and the Bedrug booth lit up like the top of a police cruiser. I half expected a giant cage to drop from the ceiling to prevent my escape. OK, maybe there were no alarms, but the folks at Bedrug were quick to point out that I could not be more wrong. It turns out that I could enjoy the truck bed and cargo protecting benefits of a Bedrug without having to scrape the liner out with a pocketknife.

Installation simply couldn’t be easier. Start by cleaning off a section of the bed floor with some alcohol and then removing the adhesive backing from the industrial strength 3M Dual-Lock® fastener. Lay the Bedrug in place in the bed of your truck and press down where the fasteners were. Done! Total install time: 5 minutes.

It works like a champ! When I needed to haul a giant mirror and a computer monitor from Chicago to Indy, I had no problems. I just tossed them in the bed of the truck, and they didn’t get banged around or scratched.

Now, grocery bags and gas cans stick to the bed floor like they are Velcro-ed in place. Need a place to sleep when the wife deadbolts the door on poker night? No problem. Don’t ask me how I know that – just trust me.

Like all Bedrug products the Matte™ is easy to clean. If you get mud or oil on it, you can squirt a little soap on it and blast it with a pressure washer or garden hose.

The Bedrug Matte will set you back about $149 if you have a spray on liner and $99 if you have a drop in liner. To find out where to get one check out the Bedrug Website.


Installation – Bedrug Matte
Time: 10 Minutes
Tools Needed: Bottle of Alcohol (the cleaning kind – not the drinking kind)


Bedrug Matte
Bedrug Matte
Bedrug Matte
Bedrug Matte
Start with a clean bed. Clean the surfaces where you are going ot attach the 3M Dual-Loc fasteners with alcohol. Position the Bedrug Matte at the front of the bed. Continue the roll out the Bedrug Matte to the end of the bed. Finish up by pressing the Dual-Loc fastener together.


Bedrug by Wise Industries

635 Old Hickory Blvd.
Old Hickory, TN 37138
Phone: (800) 462-8435

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