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Billet aluminum dash knobs for CJ Jeeps

Aluminum Billet knobs Nothing’s worse on a cold morning than starting the Jeep to warm it up for that drive to work, only to have one of the heater knobs break off in your hand in an attempt to turn it on! This has happened to countless Jeep owners, and it happened to me! Those old plastic knobs on the dash, dry, cracked, and gray, sure they work, but eventually when the cables get a little stiff, the knobs will break. Why not replace them with a set of billet aluminum knobs that not only look great but will last forever. Well after a cold drive to work I ordered a set of billet aluminum knobs from Leon Rosser Think Jeep. Installation is simple, just a 5/64 Allen wrench and ten or fifteen minutes. The hardest part may be removing the old knobs! Finished Product

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Description Notes Rating
Ease of Install Almost too easy, 15 minutes
Ease of Use Work just like any other knob, but the Allen set screws hold them firmly in place.
Performance They will never dry out and crack!
Durability Billet Aluminum is incredibly strong should last forever.
Appearance The look is what you are paying for!!
Drivability N/A N/A
Comfort N/A N/A
Price in comparison to related products Leon Rosser Think Jeep was a few dollars cheaper than the competition. For the same product and they now offer them in anodized black
Was it worth it??? Really cleaned up the look of the dash, At $32.00 plus S/H, I’d say it was worth it.
Tools Required 5/64 Allen wrench.
Editors Notes These knobs are a very simple way to replace those old ugly, cracked knobs, and really clean up the look of your dash. Well worth the money…JC

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