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The brochure for the 37th Annual Dealernews International Powersports Dealer Expo in Indianapolis featured a license plate with the characters: 2BIG2MISS, and that about summed up the show. As the largest powersports shows in the nation, the Dealer Expo 2005 featured over 800 exhibitors, displaying everything from headlights to tail pipes, roof racks to tires, and gear for every area in between. Being the serious four-wheel drive enthusiasts, we concentrated our efforts on the utility segments of this show, and there were a lot of new wares to be seen by all.

Despite our best attempts to take in the whole show, your intrepid editors were barely able to scratch the surface in the two days we had to visit the show. We were, however, able to experience countless exciting products from companies large and small.


Here are some of the products that caught our eye.


ITP is a legend in the ATV tire market. They have produced premium ATV wheels and tires for over 22 years. Wheels and tires are all they do, so they are dedicated, to say the least. ITP claims to have released the industry’s first extreme terrain RADIAL tire, the Mud Lite XTR. Another new product they showcased is their all-new 14-inch C-Series Type 7 rim. That’s right; 14-inch rims for ATVs.



Polaris –
Polaris had a number of their Sportsman ATVs and Ranger utility vehicles on display, but the one that caught our eye was the Sportsman MV. Based on the ATV currently used by our US soldiers in Afghanistan, this industrial strength ATV is available in any color you choose, as long as it’s OD green. Check out the dual winches–front and rear–and the super-stout front and rear all steel racks. The military version accommodates a fully automatic machine gun turret-sorry, not available for us civilians.



Pirelli –
Pirelli, maker of some of the finest high performance tires available for cars, trucks and motorcycles, has set its sights on the ATV tire market. We can’t wait to find out more about their all new MudWiser and Rut Buster tires.



Four –
Someone has finally recognized that riding an ATV is very different than riding a motorcycle, and it demands specialized attire. Four has designed riding apparel specifically for ATV riders, which include pants with an exaggerated knee-bend and a patent-pending D-ring to secure kill switch lanyards. Four is also featuring new gloves–also designed solely for ATV riders-that provide a gel-padded right thumb for reducing fatigue caused by operating a thumb throttle. If you wear clothes while riding your ATV-and God we hope so-you might want to give Four a look.



Cambridge Metals & Plastics –
CMP manufactures numerous enhancements and add-ons for ATVs. They had many interesting products on display, but there were two that caught our eye: the Pro-Quad bumper plates, which were made out of high quality diamond plate, and the Pro-Quad Quick Release windshields, which featured Dzus quick-release fasteners for easy windshield removal when transporting your ATV.



Maxxis –
The award for the coolest brochure went to Maxxis, featuring a 3-D relief picture of their new iRazr tires, and two pages of very cool stickers. Most importantly, it featured fantastic photography of some of their superb products in action, including the new Mudzilla tire and their all new 4X4 ATV rims. It’s also nice to see some quality, good looking rims hitting the market too.



Moose Utility Division –
Moose Utility produces and sells hundreds of different ATV accessories and products. They have everything from rack bags to brake pads. We were particularly interested in their plows with an integrated electric lift. Their line of Honda licensed gear also caught our eye.



CruzTools –
Have you ever broken something on the trail or needed to make a minor mechanical adjustment? If not, then you’re not riding hard enough! If so, then you have probably had the misfortune of using the factory tool kit that came with your ATV. CruzTools offers alternatives with high-quality and compact tool kits that meet almost any need. They have dozens of different configurations, including electrical test and repair kits, and kits that are perfect for replacing your factory tool kit.



Warn Industries Inc. –
Warn is a legend in the winch market. They also produce other high-quality accessories such as plows and bumpers. Their latest products are the new Snowmobile winch and the Warn Utility Plow. This plow features an exclusive quick-disconnect system and a unique four-bar linkage system that allows the plow to be raised more than 8 inches.



Smith Optics –
Smith optics had dozens of their high quality goggles on display. Their newest product was the Piston 199 Travis Pastrana Signature Goggle. This attractive and comfortable set of goggles features an articulating outrigger positioning system.



Progressive Suspension –
Progressive Suspensions builds replacement shocks, springs, and coil-over shocks with-you guessed it-progressive rate springs. These springs are soft when initially compressed, and become progressively more firm as the level of compression increases. This provides a smooth, but controlled ride. Their 512 Series ATV Shock is designed specifically for utility ATVs. Also shown below is a cut-away of their new “6th Sense” nitrogen pressurized shock absorber for your off-road machine.



Shoei –
Shoei was on hand to demonstrate their new V-Moto helmet. This premium helmet offers many improvements over its predecessor including a visor adjustment that can be accessed from the top of the helmet rather than having to reach under the visor. These lightweight helmets provide superior ventilation to help you keep your cool on the trail.



James Greene Products –
James Greene Products offers dozens of tank, rack and fender bags for ATVs and utility vehicles. Most are available in camouflage or black. They also sell numerous fender, seat and instrument cover kits to transform your bright red AVT or utility vehicle to a stealthy hunting machine. Many of his waterproof bags feature ultrasonically welded joints for superior durability.



Cycle Country –
Cycle Country manufactures a wide range of very interesting products for ATVs and utility vehicles including plows, lawn mowers, sprayers and now winches. Cycle Country is now offering a new, reasonably priced 3000 pound winch. They were also very proud to display their bed lift kits for the Yamaha Rhino. This accessory is easy to install and powered by an electro-mechanical screw lift.



Suzuki –
Suzuki was one of the few major ATV manufacturers to make an appearance that the Dealer Expo. They were there showing off their brand new King Quad ATV along with the Eiger and Vinson models. The King Quad on display featured a number of dealer accessories including a radical camouflage graphics kit.



Slime –
The big news at the slime booth was the all new ‘Mini Smart Spare’. Slime has coupled their tire sealant with a small but powerful air compressor, measuring only 4 ¾” long. It also comes with electrical clips to be connected to your ATV battery or other 12 volt source. You also get a carrying case which makes this kit is perfect for space constrained tool boxes.



Castle –
Castle had a number of very stylish and durable ensembles for ATV riders. Their over-the-boot pants and matching riding jackets provide protection from wind, mud and snow. An optional fleece liner is available for the jacket.



Dual Concepts –
If you need more traction for your ATV here is one way to get it. Dual Concepts displayed a product called ‘Clic ATV Dual’. By turning your ATV into a dually, or even a dual-dually (dual wheels at each corner), this easy-to-install and easy-to-remove product increases both traction and stability. We are told that it provides enough buoyancy to float your ATV – Cool!



Mile Marker –
Mile Marker, known for a variety of quality off-road products, was on hand to showcase thier latest winches for ATVs. These rugged winches are available in 2500, 3000 and 3500 lb capacities and all feature reliable wired remote controls.



Utopia Optics –
The SW1 goggle from Utopia Optics is the first goggle on the market with the ability to flip open so you to modulate airflow or even wipe your eyes without removing the goggles. Tissues not included.



Zieman –
Zieman was in attendance to show off their new universal ATV hydraulic lift assembly. This system provides the ability to easily attach more than 30 accessories including plows, dump buckets, sweepers, mowers and tillers.



Shot Race Gear –
Shot Race Gear wanted us to see their latest over-the-boot pants and matching jerseys designed for the ATV rider. Shot Racing gear is designed to handle any race, any rider and any punishment. We think it looks pretty cool too.



Supertrapp –
Makers of high quality exhaust systems for ATV’s using a patented tunable disc technology that allows the rider to easily change the exhaust note by adding or removing discs. They offer three lines of slip on mufflers for ATV’s. The Aluminum Racing Series mufflers use external discs while the IDSX and IDS2 systems conceal the discs inside the muffler to protect them from dust and dirt.



Gator Straps –
Someone has finally created a better strap, likely not an easy task. The Gator Strap not only provides a built in soft loop so the metal hooks don’t damage your machine but it features an inverted design that puts the buckle at the bottom rather than near the top, keeping the buckle away from your paint or plastic.



Superwinch –
The big news at SuperWinch is their Freedom Switch Wireless Remote Control System for ATV winches. This system provides the rider with a small wireless remote control that looks and behaves very much like the key fobs used to unlock your car. This remote can operate your winch from up to 150 feet away and can be used with any 12 volt, solenoid-switched Superwinch model.



Axo –
Axo’s new Impala jerseys and Pursuit pants are very popular with ATV riders. The heavy duty pants feature zip off legs so they can be quickly converted into riding shorts. Perfect for the chilly mornings that turn into sweltering afternoons.


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