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Dick Cepek’s 150 watt Baja Lasers

     After I had my front bumper built, I decided to install some lights to complete my setup. I chose to go with some Baja Laser lights from Dick Cepek (part # 02510). These are a very affordable light accessory. They have a 150 watt tungsten bulb and black chrome plated housing. I chose the black chrome so that it went better with the trucks color. The lights come with a two year warranty (does not include bulbs) and light covers are included for the price. To make the install as easy as possible, I also decided to use the Cepek single switch kit (part # 04150) and the heavy duty double relay (part # 00600). I recommend both of these because the light switch kit comes with everything needed for the install and the relay helps protect your alternator. The double relay is two relays in one and is good for 700 watts. Cepek recommends two switches if four or more lights are used. Check out the install and I think you’ll agree this is a very easy install and a great way to enhance your rigs appearance. 


Description Notes Rating
Ease of Install Patience is the word. This is not a hard install to do. The instructions make it extremely simple to do without having to have a degree in electricity. Total time was about 2 hours.
Ease of Use Flip on the switch and light up the night.
Performance Actually used in off-road racing
Durability Same as above
Appearance Super. Completed the look I was going after, especially with the Black Chrome!
Drivability N/A N/A
Comfort N/A N/A
Price in comparison to related products Very competitive with KC and other similar brands
Was it worth it??? I think so.
Tools Required Wire strippers, wire cutters, phillips head screw driver, and 7/8 inch wrench
Editors Notes As stated above, this upgrade does not require you to be an electrical genius. Taking your time is the biggest recommendation. I also spent a few extra dollars on plastic conduit to run the wires through that can be seen to make it appear as factory as possible. Enjoy…TS


Ensure all parts are present and not damaged First things first, when ever doing anything electrical, take the time to disconnect the battery. Next is to locate where you will be mounting the lights. For lights that have two wires, choose a ground location for each light. If you have more than one light, the ground wires may be joined together. (If you join your wires we recommend soldering them together with a non-flux core solder. Always ensure you have an excellent ground, if you don’t this can lead to premature bulb failure. Further, never use the battery’s negative terminal for a ground as there is a constant fluctuation of dc current in the battery, and can also lead to premature bulb failure.) Next, find an existing screw or bolt that can be used for a ground or drill and install a screw for the ground.

1) install and wire relay 2) Find good power source Now is the time to connect the hot leads from the lights to the 14 gauge wire provided in the switch kit. Again, if there are two or more lights being used, the hot lead wires can be joined together into a mutual single 14 gauge wire. Once this is done, route the hot leads to the double relay per the install instructions (see photo). I mounted mine on the firewall which was a good ground for the relay (see photo). Next is to bring power from either the fuse box or what I did was to use the main block on the firewall of my truck (see photo). I used a red colored 12 gauge wire for this also (posts S3(-) and B(+) are used for this step). Each post (L1 and L2) on the relay are good for 350 watts each. Total wattage of lights should not exceed 350 watts per post. Depending on how many lights are going to be used, the instructions will show the proper way to wire the lights (see photo).

After the relay is wired, route the wires through the firewall to the drivers compartment. If possible, try to utilize the existing wire hold downs and clamps that the factory wiring is run through. Select the location where the switch will be mounted and mount the switch with the screws provided. You must now ground the switch by using a short piece of 14 gauge wire. Use a crimp on connector to attach the wire to the switch and another to attach to an existing screw that provides a good ground.

With the switch in the off position, run the wires from the relay (posts S1 and S2) to the light switch. Inside the firewall, install the in-line fuse holder and 20 amp fuse provided in the light switch kit. Use the necessary crimp on connectors to attach these wires to the proper terminals on the switch per the instructions. Now is the time to re-attach the battery cable and test out your new Cepek lighting system. Please remember, due to the output of these lights, they are not recommended for street use.
Finished product

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