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CBrack pic 1 Jeep owners of all models are constantly looking for ways to improve the appearance and functionality of their vehicles. A large percentage of these modifications or accessories involve items requiring electric power, such as off-road lighting, CB radios, GSP units and the like. As such, the need to find appropriate mounting places very often presents a problem, not only for mounting the part itself, but also the activation switches.

Jeeps are very utilitarian vehicles and there is not much room provided for the installation of option power switches. Out on the trails, I have seen some very imaginative installations, but virtually all of these leave something to be desired in the way of neatness of the finished installation. I may have discovered a very inexpensive answer to this problem.

A gentleman named Doug Chartier has developed an overhead console for the YJ and TJ Jeep models, that allows for the mounting of just about any and all electronic accessories and the required switches. CBrack inside Jeep He calls this the “CBrack”. It is made out of heavy gauge aluminum with a black crinkle finish. The CBrack mounts between the windshield and the center bar of the factory rollcage.

The CBrack is made in two pieces. The top piece is designed to provide the attachment points for the CBrack itself and the lower piece is designed for easy removal for attaching and installing the actual switches and accessories. The lower piece is held in place with chrome plated acorn nuts and prove a very finished look to the overall installation. The CBrack can easily accommodate a full-size CB radio, a GPS unit, an overhead courtesy light, CB speaker and several switches.

Doug Chartier is a member of the Southern High Rollers 4×4 club, based in the Houston, Texas area. For more information on the CBrack, contact Doug or email him at the following addresses:

Doug Chartier
7023 Navidad Rd.
Houston, Texas 77083
281-530-2329 (Fax)

Description Notes Rating
Ease of Install Took about 15 – 20 minutes for one person. Good instructions and installed easily.
Ease of Use Quite good.
Performance N/A N/A
Durability Too soon to tell, but from the craftsmanship and quality it should last forever.
Appearance Everyone who’s seen it installed likes it.
Drivability N/A N/A
Comfort N/A N/A
Price in comparison to related products I haven’t seen another product like this to compare.
Was it worth it??? If you are interested in the appearance of your vehicle
Tools Required Electric drill, screwdrivers or socket set.
Editors Notes I would recommend the CBrack system to anyone who wants to improve the installation appearance in their YJ or TJ…BF

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