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Downey Product’s SST Tonneau Cover

Not only do they look nice, but Tonneau covers add function too. They keep your valuables dry and clean, it increases fuel mileage and keeps prying eyes out of the bed of your truck. Downey Products releases their newest line of SST Tonneau covers and we recently installed one on our new Ford F250 Super Duty short bed.

In five easy steps, you too can be stylin’ with a new tonneau cover from Downey with no drilling, screwing or gluing!

Step 1 – Assemble the 4 main frame pieces with the supplied junction blocks. At the bottom of each frame is thick, double-sided sticky, foam-tape to assist with securing the framework and to seal the unit from the elements. We decided not to peel off the protective coating and install the Tonneau cover without adhering it to the bed. We did this so that the tonneau cover and the frame could be removed easily for hauling large loads, adding a cab-over camper and so on. Although we went against the grain a bit from the instructions, the cover hasn’t budged one bit and sits firmly in place and doesn’t leak.

Step 2 – Using the supplied, 2-piece large C-Clamps, position them into the inside channels of the frame work and underneath the lip of the truck bed sides. Tighten the clamps enough to grip the framework firmly and compress the foam tape. Don’t over tighten the c-clamps or you may damage the frame or the bed or both. These clamps will hold the entire framework firmly in place and don’t interfere with adding items to the back of your truck.

Step 3 – Drop in the two tonneau bow bars. The bow bars sit into two small plastic clips each and hold the bars in place. The bars prevent the cover from sagging and allow the rain and elements to roll off of the side of the cover.

Step 4 – Lay the tonneau cover over the framework and the bows and start snapping it into place. Downey’s innovative inverted cover snap is probably the best snap design we’ve ever come across. The inverted cover snap is made of an indestructible, self-lubricating composite material that stands up to all of the elements. The inverted channel on the framework, combined with the inverted snap requires no alignment. Simply start snapping, pull tight and continue.

Step 5 – Step back and admire your new tonneau cover. Enjoy better fuel milage, clean and dry cargo space and years of quality service.

The Verdict

 The Downey SST tonneau cover has been installed for nearly two months on our 2000 Ford F250 Super Duty and has endured the beating sun, rain and mud. The cover cleans easily, operates perfectly and we are sure it will provide us with years of quality service. Installation took only about 15 minutes and covers are available for nearly every truck on the market and come in a variety of colors to closely match your truck. Downey SST tonneau covers are also available for trucks with tool boxes and feature full warranty coverage.

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