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Clic Dual WheelsIf you like pickup trucks then you probably like dualies even more. Let’s face it, there is just something cool about cruising down the road in a full size, heavy duty pickup with four wheels under the bed. When www.dual-concepts.com asked us to check out their Clic Dual Wheel system for ATVs we found ourselves wondering if the same logic applied to ATVs.

The first thing we noticed after opening the box was the industrial grade manufacturing quality of the adapters and rims. The cast aluminum adapters and rims are beefy but still lightweight. All of the fasteners are high grade and look ready to go the distance.

Installation was a snap (or maybe a clic?). If you can change a tire then you should be able to install a pair of Clic Dual Wheels in about 20 minutes. (If you can’t change a tire then you probably wouldn’t be visiting this web site) Installation consists of replacing your factory lug nuts with the special adapter lug nuts then bolting on the two-piece adapter plate. Once that adapter is in place all you need to do is set the Clic wheel on the adapter plate, give the wheel a little twist then turn two locking levers. It helps if you have your wheel sitting on a 2×4 to get a little elevation but you can do it without elevating the wheel if you are on the trail.

Clic Dual Wheels
Clic Dual Wheels
Clic Dual Wheels
Clic Dual Wheels Clic Dual Wheels Clic Dual Wheels

So, how did they perform? Quite well, actually. We weren’t able to test them in every condition they were designed for but we found that they performed quite well in loose dirt, mud and on moderate inclines. Our normally unstoppable Suzuki KingQuad became even more unstoppable with a pair of Clic Dual Wheels on the back. Traction in mud and loose dirt was dramatically improved. The added traction made it very difficult to get the powerful KingQuad to break the tires free in loose dirt.

If you have two sets of wheels and adapters you can run a set on the front and back. We weren’t able to test a dual-dualie set up but we have been told that configuring your ATV with 2 sets of Clic Dual Wheels will actually make it float in swampy or boggy terrain.

One of the nicest things about the Clic Dual Wheels is the ease of installation once you have the adapters installed. On the trail you can install and uninstall a pair of Clic Dual Wheels in less than a minute. Clic even offers a rack mountable carrier frame called the Clic Pic-Up that allows you to easily store the wheels when you don’t need them.

This simple convertibility pays dividends in other ways. When you needed to plow a driveway you would quickly install the studded or chained tires. When the job is done just remove the Clic wheels so there is no need to mess with dismounting the chains or removing the studded tires.

There were a couple of negative effects of having the Clic Dual Wheels installed. The obvious disadvantage of the Dual Wheels is that the increased track width makes it more difficult to get your ATV through tight spots. We also noticed an increase in turning radius. Finally, we were not comfortable exploring the ample top speed of our KingQuad with the Dual Wheels installed. All of these disadvantages were negated, however, by the easy installation of the Dual Wheels. When coupled with the Clic Pic-Up rack all you need to do is carry the wheels with you and when you find yourself in a situation where you need them just click them in place press on through.

A pair of Clic Dual Wheels will set you back $895 (plus tires) and they offer a 10% discount when ordering 2 sets so turning your ATV into an 8 wheeled monster will only cost you $1611. Shipping is free anywhere in the continental US. Clic also makes dual wheel systems for trucks.

If you find yourself needing to get through nasty, soupy terrain on a regular basis you should consider a set of Clic Dual Wheels for your ride.


Clic Dual Wheels Clic Dual Wheels Clic Dual Wheels Clic Dual Wheels


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