Dunlop Quadmax ATV Tires

Dunlop Quadmax ATV Tire

It doesn’t matter whether your ATV has a locking front diff, the latest fuel-injected, big-bore engine or even the most advanced independent suspension available, without the right tires you aren’t going anywhere. All of the performance your ATV has to offer gets to terra firma, or not-so-firma in some cases, through four little patches of rubber.

Dunlop Quadmax ATV TireATV tire design has come a long way in the past few years; having evolved from simple bias ply tires with knobby treads to full blown radials with terrain specific unidirectional treads. Today’s ATV tires are designed to deliver everything from a comfortable ride to crisp handling and grip on surfaces from slop to snow.

I had always liked the stock Bridgestones our Honda Rancher wore from the factory. They were good trail tires whose conservative tread pattern and rigid side walls nicely complemented the Rancher’s sporty handling.

When the folks at Dunlop offered up a set of their brand new Quadmax ATV tires I took one look at the aggressive treads and figured that the character of our Rancher would change from smooth operator to rough-rider. Well, I was half right. The character changed but not in the direction I anticipated.

Dunlop Quadmax ATV TireAfter having our Quadmaxes mounted, a quick ride on pavement quickly revealed that they not only delivered a silky smooth ride but it was also controlled. When I picked up a little speed the Dunlop’s delivered exceptionally crisp handling.

In the dirt the news was even more surprising. I figured the aggressive treads would prevent me from steering with the throttle. Wrong again. The Dunlops had no problem letting to when ordered and when they grabbed traction again the transition was smooth and predictable.

Perhaps their most impressive trick, however, is performance in the mud. In the sloppy stuff the Dunlops stick like Velcro. With the Qudamaxes on duty all we had to do was aim the handlebars and hit theDunlop Quadmax ATV Tire throttle and our machine shot out of the soup like a cat clawing its way out of a bathtub.

So how much? Well we found pricing for Quadmaxes at around $75 per tire which we consider a bargain for a set of brand name tires with this level of performance.

So what’s not to like? Not much other than a limited selection. Quadmaxes are only available in the following sizes:

Dunlop Quadmax ATV Tire


Smooth, controlled ride – Check! Traction on trails and in the mud – Check! Affordable price – Check! If you are looking for a high quality, high performance all around trail tire you need look no further than the Dunlop Quadmax. You won’t be disappointed.

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