General Tools & Instruments Offers Lighted Tool Line

General Tools and InstrumentsGeneral’s Lighted Mechanical Pick-Up (Part #: 70396) offers a built-in, powerful white LED to directly illuminate hard-to-see and hard-to-reach areas, and features comfortable, ergonomically designed hand controls. When the handle is depressed, a strong four-pronged steel-jaw grabber extends from the tip, and the LED centered in the tip illuminates the task at hand. The 24 in. flexible shaft allows you to maneuver through cramped engine compartments, behind workbenches and in other constricted spaces to retrieve small objects. Coated with a corrosion-resistant black finish, the Lighted Mechanical Pick-Up is built to withstand tough jobs and harsh working environments. (Other models are available with 12 in. and 36 in. flex-shafts.)
General Tools and InstrumentsThe Telescoping Mini-Light with Magnetic Pick-Up (Part #: 759581) gives you the ability to reach into and inspect confined areas where a normal flashlight head cannot fit, and its smooth surface, 2 lb. pull capacity, Neodymium donut magnet enables you to retrieve metal objects. The mini-light and magnet are both fastened to the stainless steel telescoping wand, which is molded into a precision-engineered, rugged ABS plastic handle. The wand extends from 7¾ in. to 28¾ in. (197mm to 720mm). Whether retrieving dropped bolts in engine compartments or searching for a fallen screwdriver under a workbench, the Telescoping Mini Light provides brilliant illumination and powerful recovery capability.
General Tools and InstrumentsGeneral’s Telescoping Lighted Inspection Mirror (Part #: 80560) incorporates a 2 in. by 3 in. fully-polished and shatter-resistant glass mirror topped with 2 extra-bright LED bulbs. This valuable and practical tool is ideal for seeing the “unseeable”, such as electrical wiring under dashboards. It is ergonomically designed with an 8 in. handle and a stainless steel telescoping shaft that extends from 12 in. to 33 in, and features a 360º swivel double ball joint for maneuvering in tight spaces. 
General Tools and InstrumentsThe LED Lighted Circular Mirror (Part #: 80557) shares all specs in common with the 80560, except for the mirror shape and size. The new 80557 features a rounded inspection mirror with a diameter of 1⅞ in. (48mm) to get into even tighter spaces. 

About General Tools & Instruments
Headquartered in New York City for nearly 90 years, General Tools & Instruments is the market leader in precision specialty hand tools. Its recent product developments and corporate acquisitions have expanded General’s product line to include over 1,500 precision tools and hand-held instruments. This vast array of products is widely used by contractors, woodworkers, electricians, plumbers and professionals in industrial maintenance, HVACR, occupational health and safety, and home inspection as well as DIYers and hobbyists. To learn more about General Tools & Instruments and its products, visit or call Customer Support at 1-800-697-8665.

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