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Genuine Stee Tailight Guards

 On occasion you come across those inexpensive, easy to install, yet durable and rig-enhancing goodies that are just about impossible to pass up. One of our friends has a bone-stock Toyota 4Runner that uses his rig for occasional trail rides and hunting. After smashing his rear taillight he asked if he knew of a good way to protect them. We called the folks at Genuine Steel, distributors and manufacturers of aftermarket 4-wheel drive accessories from  brush guards to nerf bars and everything in between, including taillight guards. The taillight guards supplied to us are made of all steel construction and coated with a tuff, rubber coating to protect it from scratches and the elements.

Installation couldn’t have been easier. We simply removed the single screw which holds the taillight in place and rotated it out of its cradle. Once the taillight was out, we simply  slid the gaurd over the taillight, aligned the holes and rotated the light back into its mounting place. Put the screw back in place and presto!, you have a set of taillight guards in place in under 15 minutes. The new taillight guards look great and are completely functional, protecting the expensive taillights from future damage.

Genuine Steel makes many more accessories for Toyota 4Runners and many other vehicles too.


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