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Goodyear Wrangler A/T Extreme Tire Review

Some words these days are just getting overused. For example: hardcore, extreme, and custom. There should be some grading criteria when it comes to using these well-worn-out adjectives, so that we can help them regain their value.

Goodyear recently introduced a new tire to the off-road world and now its up to the staff at 4x4Review.com to decide if this new off-road rubber is worthy of it’s name. We know that anything that has the Goodyear logo on it is going to be of the highest quality, and design, safety, but can they use the word Extreme to describe a tire? Let’s dig a little deeper; extreme is defined as: “Of a character or kind furthest removed from the ordinary or average.” Are these new tires extreme? Well, they are extremely quiet, extremely smooth, extremely tough, and extremely well mannered.

Goodyear culminated 10 or so years worth of lessons’ learned and the successful technology that came from the Goodyear MT/R name, and pushed it right into the Wrangle A/T Extreme tire. For example, Goodyear took the very same Dura-Wall puncture Goodyear wrangler A/T extreme resistant sidewall technology and incorporated it into the A/T Extreme. They also reused the same bead-lip / rim-guard that is found on the later generation MT/R’s and put them into the A/T Extreme too. But they didn’t stop there, as they created an advanced tread design and shape creates a quiet smooth tire with tough all-terrain performance and long, even wear.



The Verdict

We had the tires mounted and balanced at a reputable tire shop and quickly made note that only a few ounces of lead were needed to keep each tire’s balance in check. During the first few miles of driving the first thing I noticed was actually something I didn’t notice: Noise. The Wrangler A/T Extremes are quiet and smooth. Off Road testing was limited to rough rocky roads and light trail duty, as this truck is primarily our daily driver, parts runner, and tow rig, so keeping it in one piece is pretty important. But, when the Jeep breaks, it occasionally gets pushed a little further up the trail than planned and I need to be sure the new Goodyear tires are up to the task.

Goodyear Wrnagler A/T Extreme The Goodyear’s hook up nicely in the dirt, without excessive spin, but still chunked a few sizable rocks to let me know they were digging in for grip. A few weeks of monsoon rains in Arizona convinced me that this may be one of the best rain tires I have ever put on a truck. The new Goodyear’s track well at highway speeds, corner well for being a big tire, and soak up rough rocky roads with aplomb.

After 5,000 miles and our first rotation, I am pleased to say that the tires are wearing evenly and show only slight tread wear. The biggest down side to the Goodyear A/T Extreme is that it is only available in one size and load range – 315/ 75/ R17 load range D. Fortunately for us this happened to be the exact size we needed for the 4″ lift on our 2005 Dodge ¾ ton. After 5,000 miles of towing, off road use, and highway driving I can honestly say that I am extremely pleased with the Goodyear Wrangler A/T Extreme.

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