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Jeep Office Chair

If you are reading this article then two things are probably true. First of all you probably love Jeeps and secondly you spend time behind a computer. If these two things are true then a third fact is probably also true – When you’re spending time behind your computer you’d rather be in your Jeep.

I’m right about that third fact, c’mon – admit it. Well if I am right then the folks at O’Shea Limited may have just the answer for you. For less than the cost of an average leather office chair at your local office outlet store you could have a leather covered replica Jeep Grand Cherokee seat embossed with a genuine Jeep logo.

Our Jeep Office Chair showed up unassembled but assembly only took a few minutes. Once the black leather throne was assembled we took turns parking our keisters in it. Results were mixed – some found the seat bottom a little too short while others found it just right. We all agreed that the lower back support was great and that the arm rests, while not adjustable, were well positioned and comfortable. The leather was soft as butter had an attractive, low-gloss appearance. Adjustability was limited to up/down and tilt.

The adjustable headrest looked cool and added to the illusion of being a real Jeep seat but it wasn’t very well mounted. The adjuster clips kept falling out so we just pushed the headrest all the way down and called it good.

Jeep Chair Features:

  • The Jeep® seat is a “Jeep” licensed product
  • High-back Executive styling
  • Adjustable headrest
  • Italian perforated leather upholstery
  • Metal arms with matching upholstery
  • Spring swivel tilt and lock mechanism
  • Metal 5-star wheel base with dual-wheel
  • hooded casters
  • Premium class IV gas lift
  • Non-skid nylon tires
  • Chair dimensions: 33.5” W x 33.5” D x 56.5” H
  • Weight: 53 lbs.

The leather on the armrests didn’t fair well against the bottom of our desk and quickly tore where it rubbed. This isn’t necessarily the chairs fault but some reinforcement in that area might have been called for.

Other than these minor annoyances the chair was well built and quite comfortable.

Ok, maybe it isn’t a substitute for actually being out on the trail but if you are going to have to spend time in an office chair you might as well have a chair that reminds you of being there. The Jeep office chair was easy to assemble, easy to use and a bargain at $120 plus shipping and handling.

Now if we could only figure out how to get a set of 35’s under it…

O’Shea Limited’s – Jeep® Chair


O’Shea Limited
330 West 47th St. #203
Kansas City, MO 64112

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