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K&N’s Re-usable Air Filter

No matter how your four by four is used, rock crawling, mud slinging, or Boulevard cruisin, engine performance is always a primary concern. There are many simple bolt-ons that can enhance engine performance. The K&N replacement air filter is such an item.

The idea behind the K&N filter is simple, rather than replace your auto parts store paper element every 10 thousand miles or so, make one you can wash and reuse. Besides being reusable, K&N filters also flow an average of 50 percent more air than a conventional paper element. The filters are made by sandwiching several layers of surgical gauze between two sheets of wire mesh, the medium is then pleated to reduce the overall size and increase its surface area. The filter is then oiled.


K&N Filter and clean/lube kit Pretty darn simple install really. For our 1977 Jeep CJ5, we simply bought our K&N Filter, added the lubrication,removed the air filter cover, took out the old unit, and dropped in the new one! Couldn’t be any simpler than that can it??? It’s the quickest 5 hp I’ve ever added!
Beware, not all installs are quite this simple. K&N makes a filter for just about every vehicle and some of them require a little more work.
Just drop it on in!


Description Notes Rating
Ease of Install No harder than changing you regular air filter. (Unless you buy the kit that replaces you stock air cleaner housing, then it gets a little tricky.
Ease of Use N/A N/A
Performance Noticeable increase in low end torque and a bit of high-end passing power. Works even better when you add new, more free-flowing exhaust at the same time.
Durability Last forever, just clean and reuse!
Appearance N/A N/A
Drivability N/A N/A
Comfort N/A N/A
Price in comparison to related products In comparison with standard air filters, the K&N is much higher. HOWEVER, if you take into consideration, it will be the last air filter you buy, it’s definately worth the money!
Was it worth it??? Yes!
Tools Required 7/16 Wrench (For 77 Jeep CJ-5)
Editors Notes Installation couldn’t be easier, just pull the old filter and drop the new one in. You should buy the cleaner and lubrication specially made for the K&N air filter, and NEVER, EVER use something like WD40, even in a pinch. It will destroy your filter. The cost of the cleaner and oil are nominal and well worth the additional couple bucks. IF you want to add a quick couple of horsepower and increase you fuel mileage a little, go get a K&N Air Filter…JC

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