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LeBra Tri-Fold Tonneau Cover

LeBra TriFold

Guys love trucks, girls love trucks, hell, America loves trucks; we use them to haul everything and anything we can think of. Today’s crew cab trucks offer the flexibility of 5-person seating and enough room in the bed for a weeks worth of gear. But the safety of the items in the bed of your truck is always an issue. There are a few options for locking down the bed of any truck. The most secure is of course a hard fiberglass tonneau cover with integrated locks. This is also the most expensive and least flexible option, and technically it turns your truck into a station wagon… “nice Volvo, John”.

While you can always remove a fiberglass cover, this involves at least 2 people, getting out the tools, and finding a place to store your 4’X8′ fiberglass ping-pong table size cover.

Option numero dos: the soft tonneau cover. I know, we have almost covered (pardon the pun) every tonneau on the market and they all work pretty much the same, right? Wrong. We have a new kid in town and it may be the simplest, sleekest most flexible cover to date. The Le Bra tri-fold cover is so simple to install and use, it begs the age old question: “Why do men have nipples?” Oops I mean, “Why didn’t I think of that?”

Our friend, well…I actually don’t have any friends, but we’ll call him “Tim”, owns a very reputable Machine shop and is always “that guy” who steps up to make a part for us when we run out of options or just want something super cool. It was time to return the favor. Tim was shopping for a cover to secure the bed of his shop delivery truck, and needed something that would keep passing hands out the bed of the truck, but also allow quick removal when bigger items get thrown in. I figured this would provide the perfect opportunity to test a product in a day to day working environment.


Time: 10 Minutes
Tools Needed: None, zero, zilch, nada.



LeBra TriFold LeBra TriFold The hardest part of the install is removing the product from box! After that you simply set it on the bed, unfold it, and install the hand tighten clamps. Done. It’s a 5 minute, one person job.

If it takes you any longer, than 10 minutes then you’re man-card will be revoked!




The Tri-fold cover may be the most flexible cover on the market, you can open it from the rear of the truck or right behind the cab, tri fold it and expose 2/3 of the truck bed, or simply remove the whole thing in a less than a minute for full bed use. The folded cover for a 6′ short bed truck weighs in at less that 15 pounds, so even the weak and frail among us can handle full removal, although the vertically challenged among the group may struggle with just climbing into the bed of the truck, LeBra TriFold that’s hardly the tonneau’s fault. Anyhoo… The Tri Fold tonneau is constructed of durable weather proof, stretch-resistant vinyl with a strong and lightweight aluminum frame and integrated bows. The clamps that secure the cover are plastic and feature an easy to use cam lock system.



The Verdict

After 2 months of hard testing, dare we say abuse, the Tri-fold cover is still working great. It is on and off the truck at least 3 times a week in just a few seconds, and it is still as easy to install as the first time. My only complaint? I wish the clamps that secure the cover were a bit more durable – they haven’t broken yet – but I don’t think they will last the life of the cover. My 2 cents: construct them of aluminum in the friction areas and plastic on the handles.

If you’re in the market for possibly the easiest to use, most convenient soft tonneau cover the Le Bra Tri-Fold tonneau is definitely for you.

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