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MMS & Accessories Stainless Steel Fasteners

 Have you ever:
1) Rebuilt an engine?
2) Busted a rusty bolt?
3) Wanted to dress up your 4X4?
4) Needed to replace old bolts?

If you’ve answered yes to any of these questions, then you are most likely in need of new fasteners for your rig. Instead of buying overpriced and inferior fasteners at your local hardware store, you should consider purchasing high quality, stainless steel fasteners. This is precisely where we were in our heads during our restoration of our 1974 Toyota Land Cruiser. After snapping more than one antiquated bolt, we started shopping at our local hardware store. However, once the number of line items on our nut and bolt list exceeded 50, so did the price. Instead of fighting with my better half, I decided to search around a bit for a company that sold superior grade bolts, in a kit form. The search proved fruitful once I found MMS & Accessories right on the web. MMS & Accessories supplies fastener kits for nearly every American made vehicle on the market, and for nearly every model. From engine bolt kits, to transmission kits, to starter kits, and all the way to individual fasteners, they have nearly everything you need.

We ordered our kit for a Fuel Injected Chevy 350 motor that was recently transplanted in our ’74 Land Cruiser. The stock bolts were rounded off, rusty, had 3 coats of paint on them and some were nearly an inch deep in grease. MMS & Accessories offers fastener kits in polished or unpolished and in hex or allen configurations. We decided on unpolished, hex head bolts. After all, I didn’t want to carry extra tools with me or worry about the finish of the bolts, especially when making emergency repairs in the bush.

The kit that we received was individually wrapped and labeled in sealed plastic bags, pertaining to particular portions of engine. For example, note the picture to the right that shows the individually wrapped, labeled and compartmented packages. As an example, one of the packages was labeled “Oil Pan”, which had 3 compartments in it. The first compartment held all of the washers. The second held the main bolts and the third held the larger bolts for the front and rear of the pan. Talk about making it easy to install your new fasteners! MMS & Accessories also has an extensive quality assurance program to ensure that you only get quality fasteners.

If you’re in the market for new, *quality*, fasteners, regardless of the type, MMS & Accessories is the answer to your prayers.

MMS & Accessories

261 Nally Road
Rydall, GA 30171-1136
Phone: (800) 441-9451
Fax: 1-770-607-7131
Email: OrderDesk@mmsacc-stainless.com

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