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Mountain Off-Road 1″ Body lift

     This is the ultimate kit for anyone who needs a little more body clearance. In our case it was for more body clearance for the suspension. The M.O.R.E. kit comes complete with every thing needed for installation. The kit itself is a work of art! The pucks are milled out of 6061 T-6 billet aircraft aluminum! The kit also includes longer grade 5 bolts, flat washers, polyurethane bushings, and complete instructions. The part number for the kit we used was BLCJ7679, 76-79 Jeep CJ-5, CJ-7.

Ensure all parts are present and not damaged. I began the install by blocking the tires of the Jeep. Next, loosen all of the bolts for the old body bushings. This is the hard part, rust dirt and 20 years of crud made this a monumental task! Do not completely remove these bolts or the body could shift as you jack it up to install the new bushings. I learned the hard way! You can start from the front or the rear of the vehicle, I chose to start at the front, since it is the trickiest. You need to loosen all of the bolts inside the fender wells that hold the grille onto the fenders. Remove the bolt that holds the grille bushing in place from underneath the front cross-member. I chose to remove the entire front grille, but the directions say otherwise. All body pucks removed.
Set body pucks in place Once removed simply install the new bushing, puck, washers and bolt in the correct sequence according to the instructions. Install the new bolt just enough to catch a few threads, as it have to remain loose to install the rest of the kit. I chose to move down the passenger’s side of the vehicle and do those bushings next. I used a block of wood and a 5-ton floor jack to raise the body off the frame after I removed the bolts. I found that I could jack up the entire passenger’s side of my Jeep and remove all five old bushings at once! Just remember to remove all of the bolts from these bushings before you jack up the side. Again I learned this the hard way!(nothing a welder can’t fix!) Set body pucks in place Jack up the side up just high enough to install all five of the new bushings washers and pucks at once according to the instructions. Lower the body onto the new pucks and loosely run in the new bolts. Now move around to the other side and repeat the process. Once you have the entire kit installed you may need to adjust the body on the frame slightly to align all of the bushings. I borrowed a few friends to help with this (they were just hanging around anyway). Tighten all of the bolts according to your owner’s manual.
You’re ready for a test drive. After a day or two of driving, check and retighten all of the bolts…JC Finished product

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