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North Face’s Mountain 24 Tent Review

North Face Mountain 24On occasion we find ourselves really needing to get “one with nature”… When that urge comes about we usually head outdoors. Well, if your really trying to become one with nature, then you head out with your trusty 30-06 and bear skin suit, but today in this busy world we can’t afford to take time to become an overnight Grizzly Adams. With this in mind, especially while your packing you find your self bringing some sort of shelter whether it be a mobile home, pop-up trailer or your trusty 1950’s canvas tent that smells like it came from the 1950’s! Things have changed since then and tents these days don’t have a stitch of non-synthetic stitch in them. Take for example our North Face Mountain 24 tent. This bad boy is made with the finest materials yet. Such as 7075 T-9 Easton Aluminum Poles (the best in the business). This tent has a low wind and snow shedding shape that shrugs off the worst weather this planet can dish out. In fact it has been pitched on Mt. Everest, K2, the North Pole, the South Pole and of course in some backyards. Further, this casa sports internal and external guylines to help with those 100+ m.p.h. winds. It dimensions are 90” X 59” X 39″ high. Plus 35 SqFt. of floor space. Plenty big for two large framed dudes (Hopefully a stream and a bar of soap are nearby) with a pack size of 24” X 7” and a total pack weight of 8lbs. 15 oz.


NOTE: All ratings on a scale of 1 to 4 with flat tires equal to a half.
Description Notes Rating
Ease of Install N/A N/A
Ease of Use Up in seconds with one person!
Performance From the coldest windiest places on earth to your backyard, this guy can’t be beat!
Durability One tough tent!
Appearance Only available in yellow and black…
Drivability N/A N/A
Comfort As good as a tent can get…
Price in comparison to related products Pretty hefty at some $450 bucks, but if your serious about camping and hiking in the middle of nowhere…
Was it worth it??? Overall… so so. I’m not grizzly adams or some european rock climber so I’ll probably sitck with a coleman when it comes downs to it. In fact, I would probably deal with a little seepage so long as I can stand up in the tent to get dressed.
Tools Required none
Editors Notes this has to be one of the best tents money can buy. don’t get me wrong, I thought this was a great tent but not for the kind of “outdooring” I do. Again, if I were a serious backpacker or mountain climber then this would be the unit for me. By far the best craftsman ship I have ever seen and this is very common with all North Face Items… RW

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