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Novak Billet Transfer Case Pan

Novak Conversions Transfer case pan

Tired of dealing with a leaky transfer case? Want added gear oil volume to aid in cooling and lubrication? Admire fine American craftsmanship? If you’ve answered yes to any of these questions, Novak Industries has a product for your Jeep – the Novak Billet Transfer Case Pan. 
The 4x4Review.com team has been on a mission to enhance the performance of our Project Over Easy Scrambler without breaking the bank, engaging in projects that your average do-it-yourselfer wouldn’t do, all while also addressing nagging issues like our leaky transfer case. Novak came to our rescue with their Billet Pans. These components are gem-like in the precision of their construction, their fit, and their finish. The Novak pans come in both a shallow sump model as well as one with a deep sump. Either way, they increase the gear oil capacity over the stock volume and provide a seldom seen upgrade that will be almost two pretty to put under the vehicle.
Novak Conversions Transfer Case Pan
Novak has a deep focus on just one type of vehicle, the Jeep. Novak’s Jeep components are designed to improve the performance, durability and frankly, appearance of many of Jeeps production vehicles. Since they are solely focused on Jeeps, their products, people and technology provide Novak customers with components and installation advice that are at the top of the industry. Novak does not try to be all things to all people, rather they focus on producing high-quality conversion and performance supporting products for Jeep vehicles. This shows in the quality of their products, the design / ease of use of their website and in the technical knowledge shared readily with Novak customers.

Installation – Novak Adapters Transfer Case Pan
Time: 5-7 hours
Tools Needed: Wrenches, sockets, ratchet, wire brush for drill, drain pan, jack, jack-stand, rubber malle,t jack, jack-stand, catch-pan, paper-towels / rags. Additional parts needed: high-temp gasket material (RTV)
Difficulty: Easy job!


Novak Conversions Transfer Case PanNovak Conversions Transfer Case PanReviewing the components – The Novak Billet Pan is a direct replacement for the steel inspection cover / drain pan on the Project Over Easy Scrambler Dana 300 transfer case. No modifications are required for fitment. If you can change the stock pan, you can install a Novak Billet Pan. As stated above, the Novak Billet Transfer Case pan comes in two sizes, a shallow sump (which still provides an increase in gear oil volume over stock) as well as a deep sump model.
Novak Conversions Transfer Case PanStock pan removal – On Project Over Easy, this step required the removal of the stock Jeep CJ transmission cross-member / skid-plate to gain full access to the Dana 300 transfer-case pan. You’ll need to have a good jack and at least one jack-stand for this project. With the transmission and transfer case supported on a jack-stand and the cross-member removed, we had clear access to the stock transfer case pan
With the transmission cross-member out of the way, the removal of the stock transfer case pan and gear oil was a snap. The transfer case was drained of all gear oil through the stock drain-plug.Mounting bolts were removed and a rubber mallet was used to free the stock pan.
Transfer case mounting surface prep – Our next step was to clean off the old gasket material. This is another key step in preventing any new leaks from forming. We used fresh razor blades to carefully clean any old gasket material or debris from the mounting surfaces. The gasket surfaces were then cleaned with solvent to remove any residual material / debris.

Novak Conversions Transfer Case PanNovak Conversions Transfer Case PanNovak Billet Transfer Case oil pan installation – The new Novak Billet Transfer case oil pan went into place nearly as easily as the stock pan had been removed. Per Novak recommendations we used gasket maker (RTV) as the sealing component. The finely machined surface of the Novak Billet Transfer Case oil pan fit snuggly against the Dana 300 machined surface for a perfect seal. Novak provided, Allen-head bolts were used to provide a clean installation




The Verdict

Novak conversions transfer case panThe Novak Billet Transfer Case pan is truly a work of art. The finely machined billet surfaces are a pleasure to behold prior to installation. It is a shame that this piece of engineering will be seldom seen.
The Novak transfer case pan is also made of high-quality billet aluminum. If you’re not familiar with what “billet” is, it is essentially one large block of aluminum that is machined into the shape that you see it, using very expensive CNC machinery. This results in a superior product for both strength and accuracy.
That said, we have great satisfaction in knowing that our transfer case is protected by one of the finest American Made components available in the off-road aftermarket.


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