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Nu-Tec’s Flip Step

Innovative, simple and cost effective. This is what most companies strive for, but fail to accopmlish when they market a new product. This is exactly what Nu-Tec designs in Redmond, Washington delivered when they bult the flip-step. This isn’t a product you can’t live wihtout, but when you do have one, you almost find yourself wondering what you did without it.

The Flip-Step itself is a simple device which slides and locks into the receiver hitch on your truck, car or SUV. Named for what it does, the Flip-Step is a strong, aluminum device which not only serves as slip resistant and durable step to help you gain access to the higher areas of your rig, but as a 3rd (or 4th) brake/running light as well.

With a much taller stance than most other SUV’s or trucks, we now find it much easier to gain access to the bed of our Ford F250 Super Duty with the Flip-Step in place, especially when the bumper is wet and slippery. The added benefit of the 3rd brake/running lights is icing on the cake, especially for larger SUV’s and trucks, where the standard 3rd brake light which is mounted near the roof line, may not be readily visible from a smaller car. That should keep the Fiero’s from driving underneath you during a quick stop.

To operate, all you have to do is release the latch near the top and the brake light assembly rotates down to serve as the stepping portion. That’s it!

Installation is a snap too. Simply connect the three wires coming from the back of the Flip-Step unit and to the supplied standard 4-prong, flat trailer connector. Connect the wires by twisting them together, screw on the wire nuts (see photo), slide the Flip-Step unit into your receive hitch and secure. Lastly plug the trailer plug from the Flip-Step into your trailer light harness and you’re all set!


Product Features:

  • Standard 2″ trailer hitch size
  • Strong and light 535 Cast aluminum
  • 600 pound load capacity
  • Available styles:
    • Satin Chrome
    • Light Bronze
    • Silver Vein (shown)
  • 1-year warranty
  • SUPER bright LED array for both running lights and brake lights
  • Large 6″ X 9″ step area
  • Grippy anti-slip surface on step area
  • Can be painted to match your vehicle
Flip Step / Nu-Tec Designs
10620 210th Ave NE
Redmond, WA 98053
Phone: (425) 898-0995
Fax: (413) 383-8920
Web Site: www.flip-step.com

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