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PML Titan Diff Cover

PML now manufactures and sells a new extra-capacity differential cover for the Nissan Titan. PML designed this cover with fins and additional oil capacity for cooler differential temperatures. Many Titan owners have reported overheating especially when towing and have been looking for a way to reduce temperatures. PML heard from these owners and designed a cover in response to their needs. PML received over 25 pre-orders for these covers before starting production.
The new PML Nissan Titan rear differential cover features 0.75 quarts more oil capacity than the stock 2005 cover. With fins, the new cover is 1 1/4 inches deeper than stock 2005 cover, 2 inches deeper than the stock 2004 cover. The cover has a boss for a temperature sensor, a level check/fill hole and includes mounting bolts. Like all PML covers, it also features sand-cast aluminum construction, thick walls to add strength to the differential housing, a .375″ thick gasket flange that will not bend when bolts are tightened, and a machined gasket surface for a secure seal using RTV or factory gasket. The differential cover is available in three finishes: as-cast, black powder coated, polished. 

PML Incorporated also manufactures and sells tranmission pans, differential covers, valve covers and more.


PML Incorporated

201 West Beach Ave.
Inglewood, CA 90302
phone: (310) 671-4345
fax: (310) 671-0858
website: www.yourcovers.com

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