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Power Tank’s PT-10 air resevior

Like most off-roaders, you’ve probably gone to your local store and purchased small 12-volt (cigarette lighter) powered air pumps promising to deliver 100 plus p.s.i. Maybe you’ve even purchased the bulky red air tank that you can fill at your local gas station that holds a whopping 80 or 90 pounds of air pressure. After a full  day of wheelin’ with your tire pressure in the single digits, you’ll find that the dc powered air compressor takes 30 minutes or more or that nifty red tank barely sets the 33-inch tires at twenty pounds.

Well, the suffering can stop. There is a company we came across that has manufactured a tank out of 6061-T6 aluminum that can solve your tire pressure problems. Advanced Air Systems are the makers of the Power Tank. The idea behind the Power Tank is simple. The aluminum cylinder is pressurized with CO2 that is regulated (from 0-150p.s.i.) and released through a brass regulator, included with the original purchase of the tank. As the liquid CO2 evaporates, it creates a massive amount of energy that cannot be matched to ordinary air tanks. The tank comes in both 5 lb. and 10 lb. sizes. The PT-5 tank holds 5 pounds of  liquid CO2 and measures 5 1/4 inches in diameter and 21 inches in height. The larger PT-10 tank holds 10 pounds of liquid CO2 and measures 6 inches in diameter and 24 inches in height. The PT-10 tank has twenty times the energy of a 5-gallon air tank. Advanced Air claims that a PT-10 Tank will air up 40, 32 inch tires, compared to 2 from a 5 gallon air tank (from 15p.s.i. to 30p.s.i.) in a single sitting. With claims like this, we couldn’t wait to order one.

We ordered a PT-10 for its size and volume. Its main use for you will probably be for airing up tires, but it can run air tools and seat tires back on their bead (take it from us-we’ve done it). The other application that it has been used for is operating an air-locker. With this there are no expensive compressors and wiring nightmares and no space issues to be concerned with. The best is the incredible speed difference that the Power Tank gives you in air up time. The Power Tank is ten times faster than the leading 12-volt compressor. The average wheeler will probably be able to get by on one or two fills for an entire season, but, if not, it averages approximately $12.00 to $15.00 to fill the large PT-10 bottle. The other beauty of this system is the vapor that escapes while using the tank is inert, which simply means it is as safe as the air we breath. No environmental concerns!

In closing, we understand people will have doubts and those saying “You don’t have unlimited air as you do with an on-board air compressor.” Logic tells us that a single large Power Tank is not going to be able to air up an entire caravan of wheelers, but you won’t always be able to hike up the side of a hill with your on-board compressor, nor will you bea ble to run air tools for extended periods of time unless you have a large, bulky air tank mounted on your vehicle somewhere. The entire idea here is that you can get a whole lot o’ gas in a little package. And this is exactly what the Power Tank delivers.

Advanced Air Systems
2214 Babson Drive
Elk Grove, CA 95758
Web Site:
Email: steves@powertank.com
Phone: 1-916-691-6806
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