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Project Over Easy: New VDO dashboard gauges

Project Over Easy New Gauges

In part two of a four part series of articles focusing on interior upgrades for Project Over Easy, we’ll cover the selection and installation of gauges for our custom CJ dash.  This includes the installation of VDO Vision Chrome Series gauges from eGauges.com for all but Transmission temperature.  For this function, we selected a gauge from B&M Racing & Performance Products.
VDO Vision Chrome Series Gauges:


Since we wanted to keep the classic CJ gauge cluster as the focal point of the new Double D Fab custom dash, we needed to source a set of gauges that closely matched the black face, white font, orange/red needle and chrome bezel of the factory CJ speedometer.  VDO Vision Chrome Series Gauges, available through Don’s Sport Vehicles and their website, eGauges.com (www.egauges.com), offer exactly such a design, even matching the font style and triangular bezel cross-section.
About VDO Gauges: 
Project Over Easy New GaugesVDO gauges have a long history of performance and reliability.  For over 70 years, VDO has produced OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) and aftermarket gauges providing daily drivers and high-performance / racing applications with visibility to key engine functions.  VDO offers individual gauges as well as matched sets to meet the needs and appearance requirements of a wide range of users including motorsports competitors in off-road racing and marine applications.
Interesting features of VDO Vision Chrome Series Gauges include:
  • Through-the-dial lighting for night time display.  Illumination color can be left in stock white or changed to green or red with provided light diffusers (colored bulb covers).
  • A unique, “Spin-Lok 360” mounting system for all electrical VDO gauges (this feature alone, provides the VDO gauges with a unique mounting approach that suited our custom dash with the angle gauge bezels very well). Note:  This mounting approach is not available on mechanical gauges.
VDO Gauge Selection: 
The following VDO Vision Chrome Series Part #s were selected for the Project Over Easy dash build:
  • Tachometer:   333 197
  • Water Temp:   310 1951
  • Oil Pressure:   350 1941
  • Voltmeter:   332 193
Our only challenge was the lack of a transmission temperature gauge in this VDO series.  That didn’t prove to be that big a problem as B&M offers just such a classic design with their Transmission Temperature gauge kit (Part #:  80212)
Project OVer Easy New Gauges Project OVer Easy New Gauges Project OVer Easy New Gauges
Project OVer Easy New Gauges Project OVer Easy New Gauges
Gauge Installation: 
Project Over Easy New GaugesAs noted above, the SpinLok mounting approach for the VDO gauges was a perfect match to the angled gauges bezels of our custom dash.  With the SpinLok feature, the VDO gauge body is threaded and the SpinLok mount screws onto the body of the gauge.  This key feature evenly distributes mounting forces for each VDO electrical gauge and provides the gauge owner with the ability to mount these VDO gauges in a variety of angles.  Additionally, the SpinLok mount threads are off-set to one end of the actual mount.  This provides the gauge owner with the ability to mount the gauge flush against a thin layer of material (like a stock CJ dash) or flip the SpinLok mount to install the gauge within a thicker layer of material (like our custom gauge bezels).  A more traditional gauge mount, like the one supplied for our B&M Transmission Temperature gauge will require modification to work with our custom gauge bezels.
The Verdict:
The selection of VDO Vision Chrome Series Gauges were an excellent match to the classic CJ Speedometer cluster.  These gauges both compliment the look of the new custom CJ dash but also provide us with far better visibility to the condition of vital engine functions.  Though a Transmission Temperature Gauge was not available with the VDO Chrome Series gauges (it is available in other VDO gauge offerings) we were happy to select a B&M Transmission Temperature Gauge.  This rugged gauge also match key features of the CJ Speedometer cluster with the black face, white font and chrome bezel while providing us with important visibility to transmission fluid condition.  With the upgrade to VDO and B&M gauges, we have achieved our objective to improve the looks and functionality of the Project Over Easy Scrambler.
Next up, additional storage and security in the form of Tuffy Security Products glove box and center console.  Look for that in an upcoming article.


Don’s Sport Vehicles / eGauges.com
(VDO Gauge Supplier)
B&M Racing &
Performance Products
130 S. Main St.
Perry, MI 48872
Phone: 1-800-303-6211
Web: www.egauges.com
9142 Independence Ave
Chatsworth, CA 91311
Phone: 1-818-882-6422
Web: www.bmracing.com



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