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Revco Industries Black Stallion 855 Premium Grain Elkskin / Nomex Welding Gloves

Black Stallion Premium LEather Gloves

Most novice welders will slip on a pair of standard leather work gloves and call it good – heck, I used to be that guy back when I had more hair on my head and less on my chest. However, after only a few welding sessions with short leather gloves, your wrists and forearms will tell you that there has to be something better – mine sure did. Donning a pair of quality welding gloves is a must for any welder, even if you are an infrequent hobbyist, but quality doesn’t have to mean expensive. Like you, I’m not made of money, so I’m always on the hunt for quality, cost effective tools for our shop.

About 6 years ago, I bought a set of low-cost Black Stallion leather welding gloves which served me well until I accidently ground some holes on a few fingers – which are now lovingly wrapped in duct tape and serve as Black Stallion premium welding glovesmy backup gloves – it was time to replace my old welding gloves with a new pair.


Black Stallion 855 Series Welding Gloves

I stumbled upon a set of Black Stallion premium elkskin / Nomex welding gloves at our favorite welding web site, www.weldfabulous.com, for the low cost of $21.20.

The Black Stallion 855 Premium grain elskin welding gloves are meant for stick welding, but I’ve used them for MIG and TIG welding for over a year now. The feature super soft and supple elk skin leather on the hand section of the gloves, a flame-resistant Nomex lining on the back, and a rigid cowhide leather extra long cuff. The gloves are also sewn together with flame-resistant Kevlar thread too.


The Verdict

Black Stallion Welding GlovesAs mentioned, I’ve been welding with these gloves for just about a year now. I’ve welded with them on my hands for roughly 200 hours worth of welding. I use them regularly when I use my right angle grinders or when I’m using my torches too. The Nomex lining keeps the heat away from my hands well enough to handle hot metal for short periods of time.

The soft and flexible elkskin leather is the perfect match for these gloves. They offer all of the protection of cowhide leather, but the flexibility and dexterity that is needed for MIG and TIG welding.

The Black Stallion 855 gloves remain surprisingly cool as compared to other cowhide leather welding gloves that I’ve used in the past as well. Overall, I can’t find a single complaint for these low-cost, high quality welding gloves.

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