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Dominator Engine and Holley Fuel Injection

    Plans change, even the best laid ones. When we drew up our plans for Buckshot, we were only going to refresh the stock 302 power plant; they certainly didn’t include a high performance fuel injection engine. But, after seeing the top-shelf paint job that Midlife Classics gave it, we knew that opening up a hood to even a …

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db Performance Exhaust Jeep JK

  As most of you already know the 3.8 Liter V-6 engine in the Jeep JK is anemic and underpowered. While 205 H.P. and 240 lb/ft of torque sound impressive, once you start adding heavy duty parts to a 2-ton Jeep, it just doesn’t cut it and ‘more go’ is definitely needed. Our 2007 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon 2-door edition already …

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Low Cost Meets High Quality dB Exhaust

I’ve heard it said before, that wheels make the car. I couldn’t disagree more – I have always believed that a sweet exhaust note surpasses all other senses that a human can soak in, while admiring a fine piece of automotive machinery. Sure, the new-car smell is awesome. The feel of great bucket seats are great. The sight of a …

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Be Cool Direct-Fit Radiators for Jeep

    One of the big problem areas for our Project Over Easy Scrambler was the cooling system, with the biggest offender being the radiator. The old brass radiator had been modified to support the small block V8 engine conversion but had become a little worse for wear. Additionally, the unshrouded flex fan driven directly off of the water-pump pulley …

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FlowKooler Water pump and Robertshaw Thermostat Installation

Texas in the summer.  Such a mild climate.  Perfect for wheelin’ in the scorching heat with little to no air passing through the radiator. Note the sarcasm, because we’re laying it on pretty thick.  One of the key areas that we need to address on Project Over Easy is the effectiveness of the cooling system.    FlowKooler advantage: FlowKooler high …

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Flex-A-Fit Aluminum Radiator

Chilling Out – Keeping A Big Horsepower Engine Running Cool       Our Toyota FJ40 is nearing the end of its test mule life. After thirteen years of change, it’s time we settle on a solution and stick with it. After all, I just want to wheel this thing and enjoy it now. But, we wanted to do some …

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