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Slide-N-Lock Tie-Down System

Anyone who travels into the backcountry knows the importance of safely securing his or her gear for the trip. Unfortunately few companies have addressed this problem. We mount all types of hooks, footman loops, eyelets and brackets to try to secure our camping and off-road necessities. The folks at the Bloomfield Manufacturing Company, the makers of the famous Hi-Lift jack, have a solution for this problem called the Slide-N-Lock Tie-Down system. The Slide-N-Lock Tie-Down system uses a pair of 6061-T6 extruded aluminum rails and a set of four cast iron slides. The rails have self-locating holes placed every 5 inches, so you can place the tie down slides where you need them in seconds. You simply lift up on the spring-loaded locking pin and slide it to any position along the rail. The slide and lock system is designed to support extremely heavy loads. Each tie down point has a capacity of a 1000 lbs., assuring your valuable belongings stay securely in place. The rails are available in lengths up to 93″ for full sized truck beds. Since the rails are made of aluminum, they can be trimmed to any desired length with a hacksaw. If you are looking for the ultimate in convenience and strength to secure your cargo for the trail, then the Slide-N-Lock Tie-Down system is the answer. 


The first step is to determine mounting location for the aluminum rails. Check the length of the location versus the length of the rails, if necessary trim the rails to the desired length. If cutting is required, use a hacksaw with a new blade. Be sure when cutting that your cut is as straight as possible. Once you have the rails cut to the desired length, hold or clamp them into position and mark the predrilled mounting holes through the rails. Before you begin drilling the holes, check to make sure there is nothing that could get damaged on the other side of the drilling surface. Using the correct sized drill bit, drill all of the holes and bolt the rails in place using the supplied stainless steel, self locking hardware. Slide on the Locking tie-down points and you are finished. It’s that simple!

Bloomfield Manufacturing
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