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Spyntec 14bolt hub spindle PR

SpynTec 14-bolt hubs In continuation of the Solid Axle legacy, SpynTec Industries LLC is proud to announce the availability of their new forged steel hubs for the GM 10.5 inch – 14-bolt axle. These hubs will breathe some new life into this popular axle by offering 5, 6 and also 8 lug wheel patterns, an improved flange offset that narrows the overall axle width by 2.25 inches and forged steel construction to survive the abuse of the larger tire sizes so common today.

These new 14-bolt hubs are the perfect match for modifying an existing axle or building a new one. SpynTec’s full float heat-treated spindles and extensive line of premium axle parts will ensure your success of a complete job.  The hubs and spindles are available separately, or as a complete rear-end kit, which has all the necessary parts including the disc brake setup. For more information please call SpynTec Industries LLC at 1-888-290-AXLE or see us on the web at


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