Suit Of Armor, Part 2 – Protecting our ’05 KingQuad

Suzuki King Quad Bumper
In part one of our Suit of Armor series, we installed a full compliment of Suzuki’s skidplates, A-arm guards and shrouds to better protect our quad’s suspension and underbelly. To fulfill our protective needs, we recently installed a set of Suzuki front and rear bumpers. These tubular steel bumpers will help us keep the big debris (rocks, trees, large animals…) away from the front and rear of our quad. They will, as designed, protect the ATV’s exhaust pipe, plastic shrouds and body panels, headlights and more, while also providing a good, solid component to grab onto while yanking our quad out of the local mud hole.

The Suzuki bumpers are made from 1 5/8″ diameter round steel tubing. The tubing’s wall thickness is .080″, so the bumpers are strong enough for pushing and pulling heavy items, and the occasional whack by a tree trunk. During the bumper’s construction, all components are arc welded and finished off with a thick, durable silver powder coating. We’d love to see some color keyed and parkerized-finish options available, but the silver color looks great too. The front bumper also sports welded tabs on each side for mounting the Suzuki / Warn trail lights accessory in a protected position.

Front & Rear Bumper Installation

Suzuki King Quad BumperInstallation of both bumpers took about 30 minutes and only required a few simple hand tools.

Suzuki, in usual form, designed these bumpers during the design phase of the quad itself, which means the fit and form are perfect, and everything lines up nicely, installs easily, and it quite stout.

However, as with our previous installation of the skid plates and shrouds, the instructions were inadequate and required a significant amount of guesswork to figure out how and where the bumpers mount. Once you figure it out, installation is as simple as removing a handful of OE bolts, and bolting the unit into place.

Both front and rear bumpers are easily forgotten. That is, they don’t protrude noticeably, you can’t see them from the rider’s perspective, and they fit within the lines and stance of the ATV nicely. 

We’ve had the bumpers on our quad for a few months and they’ve been smashed into trees, used as tow points, and pulled and pushed on from various angles. All in all, they’re tough bumpers that compliment the quad nicely.

Suzuki King Quad Bumper
Front Bumper Installation

Start by removing the OR nuts and bolts

Push the front bumper into place and loosely install the bolts

Once everything is aligned, tighten the bolts to the recommended torque settings provided in the instructions

Admire your work
Rear Bumper Installation

The stock configuration for our KingQuad. Note how the muffler shroud is bent – this won’t be an issue any more.

Remove the four OE bolts from the KingQuad.

Position the new rear bumper into place. An extra set of hands is helpful at this point to steady the bumper.

Place the washer and spacers into the rear bolt section of the bumper and slide the bolt into place. Loosely install the bolt.

Install the front set of washers and spacers, along with the bolt. REALLY small hands make this job easier. Loosely install the bolt.

With the bumper aligned, start snugging the bolts

Check for proper alignment and make changes as necessary. Torque the four bolts per directions.

Admire your work

American Suzuki Motor Corp.
American Suzuki MC/ATV Customer Service
P.O. BOX 1100
Brea, CA 92822
phone: 1-800-828-RIDE (1-800-828-7433)

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