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The Access Roll-Up tonneau cover

Access roll-up tonneau coverI have always had reservations about putting a tonneau cover on a truck. In the past all the covers I have seen are a pain in the butt to remove when the bed needs to be used as it was designed, to haul cargo. I always thought that it would be off the truck more than on, so why bother. Our Chevy Silverado truck is used and abused on a weekly basis to haul big bulky items around town for our many projects. Of course the benefits of a cover have kept me wanting one. They increase fuel mileage, keep items protected, clean and dry during long trips, keep sticky fingers out of the bed, and look good. Now there is a cover that can do all this and still allow me to use the bed of the Access roll-up tonneau cover truck at a moments notice. Agri-Cover Inc., makers of commercial-grade agricultural truck covers, has designed a new cover called the Access Roll-up cover. The Access Roll-up cover is simple to install, simple to use, and allows instant access to the full 8 feet of the bed. By simply rolling it up and storing it against the cab, the entire truck bed can be used for hauling. When you’re finished with the job, just roll it down, press down on the sides to seal it up, and your truck bed is covered again. You may find yourself saying “big deal, roll-up tonneau covers have been around for ever!”… Trust us keep reading.


access roll-up tonnea cover The Access Roll-Up tonneau cover features some very unique and quite handy integrated features. The support bows are integrated right into the durable Vinyl top. There is a simple rotating wheel to allow for tension adjustment once it is installed. The sides of the cover are secured with hook and loop fasteners, so there’s never any snaps to wear out or break. The cover automatically locks into place with the integrated sliding lock system at rear, so those with tailgate locks can add an even greater measure of security. The cover is narrow enough to retain access to your steak- bed holes on the top of your bed sides, but wide enough to completely cover and seal the bed. Now here’s the kicker, when you unlock the tonneau to roll it up, the support bows are rolled up right with the top and the whole unit can be secured between the bed and the cab. This is truly a ‘no muss, no fuss’, out-of-the-way-in-a-hurry tonneau cover and the whole procedure can be operated with one hand! This is the truck bed cover we have been waiting for! Gone are the days of taking off the cover, stowing the support bows and storing it somewhere while you use the full truck bed, and having to reinstall it when done, only to take it off yet again days later.


The installation itself is incredibly simple, using pre-assembled rails, and aluminum clamps, the entire cover can be installed in well under an hour using some common household tools. No drilling, no gluing.


Another great product that we received from the folks at Agri-Cover is the Trailseal tailgate gasket. This innovative product puts an end to water and dust seeping around the gap in your tailgate. It seals out dirt and moisture so that every thing under your bed cover stays dry and clean. It is a cinch to install; simply cut to length, peal the adhesive backing, and stick it on the bottom edge and sides of the tailgate opening.


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